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Thread: Equipment opinions for a new Stalker

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    Equipment opinions for a new Stalker

    Hi guys,

    As some of you know I have recently passed my DSC level 1 and applied for my FAC.
    I have decided to go for the following rifle and options but would like some feedback on the scope.

    Tikka T3 22-250 stainless steel, synthetic stock (roe deer rifle)
    Harris Bipod (swivel)
    Niggeloh sling
    AU Jet Z moderator
    Optilock rings and bases

    Now this is the bit I am stuck on.....the scope!
    I have had advice that a fixed scope 8 X 56 would be ideal for me to stalk with/foxing etc. I have also heard that a variable scope would also be good.

    Based on the first piece of advice, I had initially decided to get the Schmidt and Bender 8X56 scope but now I am not sure, variable scope or fixed!!!
    Anyone got any ideas or preferences of what they use or would be suitable for me?
    I am not sure what to get and I am getting worse the more I think about it

    Look forward to your replies guys.

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    I swapped my variable scope for a Schmidt and Bender 8X56 hungarian scope and im really glad I did.
    Glass quality is excellent and I no longer fiddle with the magnification constantly.

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    I will possibly take some flak for this but I would suggest getting a variable power scope with a high mag on it, in the 14-20 range. If you are going to be foxing with it you will appreciate the higher mag. To start off with you could set the scope on 6x or 8x mag until you get use to your new rifle then as your experience and skill level develops you may want to be shooting at slightly longer ranges, this is where the higher mag will come in. Try and buy the best scope you can afford, look in classifieds on here and on eBay. R. Macleods of Tain usually have a good stock of ex demo or decent second hand scopes in stock. (I have no connection with Macleods)

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    Your choice of calibre is going to limit your stalking...............

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sika 25 View Post
    Your choice of calibre is going to limit your stalking...............
    Agree completely. If this is your only CF rifle currently, I would absolutely get at least a 243, that way you are legal for all UK deer. 243 is also a damn good fox calibre.

    Ref scope, if you can find a Swaro PF 8x50 I would go with this before any others. Otherwise a S&B in 7x50 or 8x56 would be an excellent choice. Check out Gregor MacLeod's SH/demo listings.

    I would not over do it on the scope front. If the cash is available for a variable, then Gregor has good deals on Swaro 2.5-10x42 or a 3-12x50. I would go no bigger than that. I would rather have a fixed Swaro than a variable from a lesser make if cash is limited.
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    Cheers guys. With regards to this being my only centrefire rifle, it wont be, later addition is to be a 0.308 so not worried about the limitations of the 22-250 although I understand where you guys are coming from.

    Keep your thoughts on the scope coming if anyone else has any opinions.

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    I have a Swaro 1.5-6x42, which is very good and a Swaro 8x50 which I use the most, good for gathering light, but you will notgo far wrong with most of the top scopes and get the best you can afford.

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    22-250 ideally should be a variable to at least 12 mag since I would expect some vermin control/foxing to be included at some point but if not a fixed power is fine. I say Bushnell mid range options up to top end Elite 6500 because now made in Japan the Bushy will piss all over everything in the same price range.

    Yeh, go Bushnell

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    243 with a S&B 8x56. Simples

    I am on my 3rd variable scope, you will end up leaving it at one magnification and never touch it again.
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    [QUOTE]Tikka T3 22-250 stainless steel, synthetic stock (roe deer rifle)[QUOTE]

    why limit yourself to only being allowed to stalk on one side of the border from the off?

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