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    speer bullets

    Hi lads heres a quick question for all you speer users. I was going to try some 100grn speers for my 25-06, as the nosler price sticks in my throat, remeber Im Scottish So went to my local shop (bushwear) spoke to Ali no probs he will order them for me but he advised me that they can take an age to come through via GMK! No good if Im working a load up and find myslef short, so true I agreed, but whats an age I asked? Well one of his customers waited 3 months for 100 100grn soft points for his 243!!!!

    Has anybody else had this or heard of this! At present Ive ordered 100grn hornadys from him, but wanted to intend try, speer, sierra and remington through time to get the best most accurate round for my rifle.


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    sportsman gunshop in Exeter have some Speer in stock (not sure if its calibre), it might be worth contacting them.

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    Hi Nutty. I shoot a 25.06 and speer bullets are my cup of tea, thats all I use, 100g and 120g. I should try Gregor McCleods in Tain Sutherland, although he is not cheap. Otherwise Wilson and Wilson near to me always have plenty in stock.

    You can always Pm me and we can sort something out

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    speer bullets

    if you look at
    you will find a list of thier dealers. you can order them through midway and have them delivered to the dealer.

    my local gunshop does not charge any postage as they order from there.

    Hope you are well, haven't heard from you for a while.


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    Cheers for that Steve Im fine Ill buzz you shorltey been up to my ass in stuff!! Just been on midways site to order cleaning solvents and the order almost trebled in cost! No thanks they can stick it.


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    Hi John,
    If i have stuff delivered by them they are really dear. but my local gunshop does it at the price you see on the site with no postage.

    you have a pm as well


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