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Thread: Swedish Roe Rutting

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    Swedish Roe Rutting

    Just on the way to the Airport in Stockholm, Sweden and saw a Buck and Doe Rutting along the side of a wheat field... Its absolutely pissing down so hopefully its better weather back home!!



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    I've seen a couple of bucks about with does. I've seen more roe this year than i thought i would after the very hard winter we had.
    Our roe season starts on the 16th August and the combi is checked and ready to go.
    also been out cycling with the dogs giving them a good run and getting them fit for the 1st of October when hunting with dogs starts.

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    Now come on Jagare it was believable until you mentioned riding a bike!!

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    Sweden has some of the finest Roe in the world probably helped by the fact that the buck shooting season starts at the end of the rut when most trophy beasts have passed on their valuable seed.


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    Swedish friend Magnus with a Gold Medal Roebuck.

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    Its true Sweden do's produce some very good heads. We have 7 Temperature zones 1 is the warmest and although i dont live so far north our area is a zone 5. So its cold in the winter plus its just forest and very little agriculture so our roe heads are nothing special. They do get a good body size though.
    Dog hound I'm out every other day with the Kopov 12km. Bloody dog can run faster than i can pedal . Charlie is a lot easier but when he is up to full speed he can touch over 20km P H. When we get back the dog could do it all again but i'm ready for a lay down in a darkened rum.

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