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Thread: Stalking with "one-in-the-chamber"

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    Stalking with "one-in-the-chamber"

    Do you or don't you?

    This isn't a loaded question (pardon the pun)

    Different guys stalk in different circumstances and have different views. What do you do?

    I only ask out of interest, cos I mostly stalk in woodland and used to be in the habit of carrying "ready to shoot" (but only after I was into the ground and well away from the vehicle). I never had a bad experience doing that but I don't do it anymore because these days the woods seem to have more and more people in them. Sometimes in the damndest places (and doing the damndest things).

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    Soon as i am on the ground and away from the road i put one up the spout. Safty on if i have some one with me i will say that i have chamberd a round and safty is on.

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    In woodland the deer can just appear right in front of you so you need a round chambered because knocking off the safety is not nearly as loud as trying to work the action quietly! Out on the hill you will usually see the deer at distance and beasts are shot at greater distance. Having the rifle protected in the slip is beter all round because slips on the hill are not uncommon.

    I would always carry the rifle ready to go with the safety on and checked in woodland because the deer can show and go in a few seconds and they are usually at much closer range (often under 50m) able to hear that action no problem.

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    In woodland as soon as I'm on the ground. They have been known to get within 50 yards of the car. I'm always conscious of the fact it's loaded though and take care when climbing high seats or fences etc. Never seen any members of the public on my ground so this isn't an issue.

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    I have one up the spout and safety on but when crossing obstacles steep slippery ground or climbing the high seat it gets unloaded and loaded once the obstacle has been negotiated.


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    I always have 'one up the spout' with safety catch 'on'. I always carry the rifle 'muzzle' down too. It balances on the shoulder better with a moderator fitted and is safer. Muzzle awareness is as important as anything else. I hate following a stalker who carries a rifle muzzle up as ther invariably end up pointing the rifle at you at some point!
    Also worth noting that more Negligent Discharges happen during unloading than stalking due to poor drills, complacency, tiredness, or all of the above combined. Always unload in a safe direction and preferrably not in the vehicle!!

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    The most dangerous time is the half second between pushing the safety off and either firing or lifting the bolt handle (and closing the bolt when loading and applying the safety. You can use a three position safety, or simply good weapon handling skills, to reduce the risk but the best answer is to reduce the number of times you open and close the bolt.

    As for woodland stalking, if you don't have a round in the chamber then you will be a fairly hungry stalker if your woods and your deer are anything like mine!


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    One up the spout - it would be a very good challenge to stalk with the gun in the slip and unloaded until I spot a group of fallow at 40 yards!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boghossian View Post
    One up the spout - it would be a very good challenge to stalk with the gun in the slip and unloaded until I spot a group of fallow at 40 yards!
    You would be better off charging them and trying to club the slowest one, assuming that your slip isn't too padded! JC

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    NEVER one up, always in below.

    I would prefer to lose the chance at an animal for the peace of mind knowing Im empty.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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