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Thread: 'Twisted Sisters' ? (No Lard on these girls though)

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    'Twisted Sisters' ? (No Lard on these girls though)

    Just picked up this news thread and thought it might be of interest.

    Pictured: The teenage sisters who hunt animals for fun | Mail Online

    Why the press use words like 'twisted sisters' just beats me.

    These are young, strong and probably very fit girls (no FAT LESBIAN LARDIES here !) who enjoy the outdoor life. The animals will all be culls and will definitely not be hunted for fun.

    The girls will have a much truer perspective of wildlife and conservation than any 'sofa sweeties' who think that wildlife conservation is feeding foxes and badgers in their back gardens.

    Looking forwards to your comments which I think will be numerous.

    The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple

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    ha, only in the states.
    they look so comfortable behind them rifles in the posed picture ha ha not..

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    Oh I do love these well balanced articles!! Who was the author? I wonder if the family knew what light they would be painted in when they released the images...

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    Good girls

    But here's Gina Schultz and with her sister Jani they're a pair of twins who go ever deeper into the sport.

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    Things like this, and especially the responses below, tend to convince me that ultimately we are f*$ked, and that my grandchildren won't be shooting!

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    So much for freedom if the press.

    Evidently, they're free to do what ever they like and NOT posting my (very muted) tribute to responsible people, who take a care in putting their own food on the plate, is part of that freedom.

    Never did buy the Mail anyway. ass oles

    OK I semi-retract that... they did publish my second response, eventually.

    half assed oles
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    I criticized the journalism in the piece and guess what? It never got posted!

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    2000 sq ft trophy room, thats bigger than a lot of houses , the grizzle looked like a monster. fair play to them they obviously enjoy the sport and have great support from their family.

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    Just seen this in the sun and was going to post this but i can see i was beaten to it.. The first sentence made me giggle "pretty teenage sister's have turned themselves into angel's of death" "..smiling for sick photo's with the bodie's." seem's a lob sided point of view by the paper but what's new.

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    The article should state, not "whist texting pals etc" but 15, getting pissed, shagging, doing drugs... Latest survey this morning i read whilst on the plane, last year Dr's across the UK subscribed more than 1,000 female patients under the age of 13 with the Contraceptive Pill because they where wanting to be safe whilst having sex... Oh how these girls shooting a animal is the worst thing that goes on...

    I hate the media sorry bull****...


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