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Thread: Minimum Calibre

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    Minimum Calibre

    Can anyone tell me the minimum calbre for wild boar in the UK. Ive seen on here .270 , .308 30-06 etc. Ive also read 6.5 x 55, which is my reason for asking as I home load 6.5 and have read many articles stating that when used with the correct bullet weight and powders it can have a performance approaching 30-06 levels...probabley the lower end of 30-06? So if thats the case would the upper end of 6.5 be a better choice than a lower end of .270?

    Can anyone clear this one up for me please?



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    Home Office guidelines state that it's a .270. Therefore it's almost certain that you will not be granted boar on your 6.5 x 55 rifle.

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    Thats what I thought too, just seems the guidelines are a bit odd at times as there is no actual minimum weight of bullet in the calibre as such? If there is please correct me if I am wrong.



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    There are no hard and fast rules. Most people will say 270win, I would generally agree with this. However, you are absolutely right that a heavy 6.5 is better than a light fast 270, I would much rather have a 6.5 with 156gr bullets than a 270win with 130gr's.

    I would personally make 150gr bullet weights the minimum standard, I would not specify a cartridge for the reasons above.

    All that said, give me a 30/06 every time. The 30 cals just seem to knock them down better.

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    I would much rather have a 6.5 with 156gr bullets than a 270win with 130gr's.
    Oh dear! I spoke to a man at BASC and said just the same. That this advisory "270 with 150 grains) made us look rather silly to the continentals and that it should be amended to say something like "either a 270 with a minimum of 150 grains or a 6.5mm with a minimum of 10 grammes".

    The reaction was to be quite dismissive in an offhand manner that appeared to show little understanding of what works (and has worked for pretty much one hundred years) on the continent.

    A response that they "shoot differently" on the continent and that they don't shoot "as we do" from high seats at full moon.

    My reply that in that case the boar was surely an EASIER shot here in the UK than on the continent and so 6.5mm with a minimum of 10 grammes would be adequate.

    Again this was dismissed.

    It is disappointing that when you encounter this you do then start to question why we pay so much to BASC to pay the wages of those that give such advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJ75 View Post
    Home Office guidelines state that it's a .270. Therefore it's almost certain that you will not be granted boar on your 6.5 x 55 rifle.
    Unless that is, the OP has 'any other lawful quarry' as a condition against his 6.5x55 - then it's up to him to make the call.

    As we've seen from the recently published Wild Boar Best Practice there are some serious gaps in the advice being put forward even by the 'experts' - AAA shot being recommended is a good one!

    Enfieldspares: Given that the guides were produced by the DI, (should that be the WBI now? ), with contributions from BASC and others, it's hardly likely that they are going to go against their own advice - even if it's bollix. Instead of just repeating the guff contained in the HO Guidance and DEFRA reports, why don't they either latch on to what the Germans, French and Skandis have been doing for some time now or just apply some home grown logic to the situation? Sorry, just remembered that where firearms matters are concerned logic goes out of the window!

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    I don't know a lot about UK laws. Shooting boar driven or nicely broad from a high seat with acceptable light is a big diffrence. The average 20 to 60 kg boar is no harder to kill than a deer from the same weight. A 6.5x55 with a 140grain partition/ 156 grain oryx or Vulcan will easely kill any decent boar in good conditions. A bullet like that is very lethal on everything. The same for a 150 grain partition ( or any other quality bullet) out of a 270. When you still have to buy a rifle for boar and heavy woodland stags get a 30-06 or heavier. If you start from zero, why making it difficult for yourself. A heavy bullet out of a 30-06 or heavier will give you a margin of error when driven shooting. Bullet placement is not always good when shooting driven game.

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    Shot mine with a 120gr from my 6.5x55, head shot and it never went anywhere.
    Tasted really good too

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    shot my Boar (england) 120 Nosler Partition!!!!!!!!!!!! .25-06 But i have a .300 Win-Mag and use 150,185 or 200 Lapua Mega. The Boar i have shot over the water 6.5x55 140 Partion,.308 and 30-06 150 or 180 i have "NOT" the experiance that many have on here but in my oppion bullet stucture and placement is "VERY" inportant eg 200 Lapua from the .300 never killed the Boar any deader than the .25!!!!!!! i would go min 140 from a 6.5 min????

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    Thanks for all your replies...I looked into it more and it seems to be as said a min .270 with a bullet with a MIN of 2700 ft pounds



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