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Thread: Roe buck hunting

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    Roe buck hunting

    Would I be correct in assuming that the Roe buck rut is more or less in full swing at the moment. Only was thinking of travelling over from Ireland for a day or two. The only problem is I won't be able to get away till after the 19th of August, will this be too late?
    or will there still be good hunting to be had. Sorry if I appear "green" but I am, as I have only hunted Roe once before, a few years ago, in Scotland. None over here yet!
    I would hope to go somewhere nearer Gatwick or Heathrow.
    I have one or two contacts, but won't bother if people feel its too late.

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    if you want to stalk roe buck come anytime to do that, within season.
    if you want the experience of calling in a testosterone mad roe buck the time is nigh as they say.
    within a week or two active rutting bucks will start to rest up as they are exhausted so work will be hard to see them that have been active. best to wait till september

    again imho that is

    hope that helps

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    Got to agree with frank you might !get the odd sign as people do early in the rut but it is in full swing here and i feel it will be over before the 19th I find were i live that up untill about the 10th is good then it drops of considerably.

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    Thanks for the replys, will see how things are for september, but most likely wait a year.

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    it still has'nt started in the north east so. it depends on where you want to go as to when. the 19th might be late but you never know. but i always do well in september so if i were you id give it a go.

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    I was up in the Borders over the weekend.
    It was cold wet and windy with no sign of rutting.

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