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Thread: Aftarket T3 Stock

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    Aftarket T3 Stock

    Aftermarket T3 Stock

    Has anybody fitted one and did it make any difference? I'm more than happy with both my T3's but might fit one if I thought it made any difference at all also to have something that is slightly out of the ordinary. Both mine are Stainless/Synthetic.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    Ive fitted a fair few. Although the T3's tend to shoot well enough in the factory tupperware, the injection molded stocks do tend to be a bit flexible. from experience I'd say the addition of an after market stock to any factory rifle, plus a bedding job has got to give you more ergonomics and consitency, which in turn should increase your accuracy, There are quite a few making stocks for the T3 in all sorts of styles from light sporter stocks, through varmint right up to tactical style and chassis systems.

    Ive personaly got a 20" T3 tactical in a chassis system and I wouldn't swap it for a TRG any day of the week.

    One thing to watch for in the T3's in factory stocks is that the factory recoil lug is not particularly high grade alloy, its fine in the lighter calibers, but when you get into the heavy calibers the relative flexability of the stock means that the recoil lug takes a good battering.
    I know the Yanks like to put a remington style recoil lug in between the barrel and action when rebarreling a T3. I don't see that as a step forward, a higher grade alloy lug to replace the original, or indeed a built in lug in the stock is a better way to go.

    Hope that helps you decide,.
    regards Pete

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    Manners make a dedicated T3 stock. T4 or T4A. Look on the hide theres loads of threads on the stocks and builds.

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    You may want to consider a Robertson sporter, ive fitted two to T3's in the last few months, they totally transformed the rifles handling and performance on both counts.

    - they do, I hasten to add require bedding.

    Jackson rifles usually have a selection in stock.

    Here is one of them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redmist View Post
    You may want to consider a Robertson sporter, ive fitted two to T3's in the last few months, they totally transformed the rifles handling and performance on both counts.

    - they do, I hasten to add require bedding.

    Jackson rifles usually have a selection in stock.

    Here is one of them

    I have one forsale if your intrested

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    I wasn't going to list manufacturers for fear of advertising, but i probably know of more than most, so i'll mention everyone but ourselves.

    Tikka stocks are available from:

    Robertson ( via Jackson Rifles if you want it quick,) tactical and sporter types
    KKC ( also via Pete J) laminated wood, quite futuristik
    Manners, T4 tactical type
    McMillan, couple of types inletted for T3
    PSE Composites, Edi is working on a Sporter varmint for the T3, a E5 ( sort of a A5 copy) should follow, and as soon as the tikka importer delivers my new T3 Sporter,(have you guys seen that by the way?) with the copy of the master sporter stock, its some bodyfiller here and there and then off to Edi as a prototype to form the mold from,
    Wild Dog, have a varmint and a sporter stock, look good, got some on shelf for builds.

    chassis systems
    There is a company in austria making what looks like a TRG folder, but its wood bolted to alloy and not composite and a bit agricultural. (
    I saw a new one on the hide from the USA that was basicaly a TRG type stock for the T3 made by KRG, guy who used to work for Magpull
    I aren't sure if Mcree does one. he might
    PDC Custom does one also.

    There are also a half dozen wooden and laminated wood stock manufacturers dotted around europe who are capable of making a stock for the T3, at least 2 of those are in the UK.

    not sure if i missed any, might be a couple more.

    regards Pete

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    Mike Norris fitted a Robertson stock when he screw cut my T3. I wanted him to bed it but he suggested trying it on his range first. Groups went from just under an inch to 1/2 inch; couldn't say whether it was the mod or the stock - but I agreed it didn't need bedding!

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    Has anyone seen an aftermarket thumbhole stock for a T3? That's what I'm after if poss...

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    did it have the ally bedding block in it ? if so dint need bedidng a rifle smith told me. you could have some of the ally block took out and get some bedding in it. but for the cost i dont think you would see much difference.

    there soild as they are

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    I know a chap who can make pretty much whatever you want for most rifles. He made a T/H stock for my Tikka M65 for a very modest fee. He can do walnut and laminate at the minute and is thinking about composite.
    I did a bit of a write up on airgunbbs in the firearms section but can't acces it to get the link at the moment as I'm at work.
    My M65.......

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