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Thread: z6i bt

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    z6i bt

    does any one use a z6i with ballistic turrets? is it worth the extra money or would you spend it on a standard z6i with a the 56mm objective lens?


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    If you expect to shoot under 200M then don't bother with the BT. Hold over will be sufficient. If you find yourself being comfortable with longer range then it is an asset. I have a 50mm Objective but don't feel a need for 56mm.

    I only got mine because I wanted the scope and the BT option seemed "not too much ££ addition".


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    Did you use swarovskis ballistic software or did you zero at the specific ranges?


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    Started with the software on my factory ammo, checked with chrono then tweeked on the reload setting. Physically shot on paper out to 600M and it works. I shoot off sticks.

    Also had the Khales variant and it works too though is a multi-zero rather than BT.


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    hi musty, got my swarovski Z5 with ballistic turrets, 5-25x52, for long range its absolutely amazing, i zeroed my remington 700 custom with the help of the software from the website. although inspite of putting in details of my factory load i still had to add a few more clicks to what the ballistic calculator showed me on the website, the first one is zeroed at 100, 2nd at 300, 3rd turrets set to 400 and 4th turret set to 500. then i use the software to tell me how many more clicks for 600 and 7-- yrds which i just write on the sticker provided and stick it inside the flip cover.
    I would totally recommend the BT. it works liek magic and takes the guess work out in long range shooting.

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    ive got the BTs on my 2.5-15/56 Z6

    and use them for every range out to 350m
    why because i dont like to hold over on a beast
    BTs wound on to the correct setting and shoot where you want to put the bullet

    to set the zero i used the info on the RWS box to give an approx setting
    they were only a click or two out

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    Got one on the way, lot of money though.


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    Think of it this way, if you hadn't paid for the BT you would always have that niggling thought in the back of your mind when you consider a long range shot....

    The upside is that you now have a scope for life that you won't regret.


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