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Thread: First of the season and Pups

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    First of the season and Pups

    shot these Wheat field raiding Fallow on Sunday morning, took along my new pup who i hope to train for Deer. He was sitting beside me when i shot the Deer, i think he enjoyed me gralloching the Deer.

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    Nice one, how olds the pup? Have you started training him yet?

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    Thanks Musty. I think he is 12 weeks old. At the moment he is sitting up and will walk close to me and pssht he will come back. Sunday was the first time and gun of ANY sort was shot near him, he showed great interest in one of the Deer as i rib shot it leaving a short 15-20yrd blood trail The pup is a Lab x Visla the dad Visla (visla i know i have spelt this wrong) is very very good at air senting and pointing Deer. Any tip's or help from Guys on here would be very good.

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    I have a 14 week old lab i am training, sometime it all feels a little daunting.


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    Know the feeling Steve, lost my old Lab last Nov He was a Wildfowling dog (mine) took him out Deer stalking, i stopped he stopped, never failed to find any Deer, was vocal growled and sruffed the neck if i sat in a high seat (not much) he would sit, and never moved when i shot and all i ever told him about Deer stalking was sit, stay, find and lots of good boy with fussing. Perhaps i should train my pup for Wildfowling!!!!!!!!!!

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    well done mate looks like a good rig you have for the job. nice beasts.


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    Sound like i should come to you for dog training tips.

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    Thank you. I knocked it up in the Summer (i'm a welder) Reason being to save me towing my trailer and quad (1hr 15min to stalking) as i can until fields get ploughed up i can Drive to most spot's, not standing Wheat though. Also the Deer are outside my vehicle and i can do a suspended gralloch, I have also adapted my quad if any one is interested i could post some pics Cheers Boyd
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    Quote Originally Posted by musty View Post
    Sound like i should come to you for dog training tips.
    I need training Steve, you would pee your self laughing if you knew about my Deer skin training attempt

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