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Thread: the spiker and the buttolo !

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    the spiker and the buttolo !

    i thought would tell you about my weekend just gone ,

    it all started on friday afternoon with a 450 mile round trip to see mark and alison of paint and pins , to pick up my little bavarian mountain hound bitch , after some nightmare traffic , i finally got home completely knackered at 12.30 am saturday morning .
    i was up again at 6 am to sort out the dogs , then had to be at a local pub for breakfast , because it was my stag day paintballing , so after all day paintballing i got home nipped out to check my rifle zero ready for the 1st august and an early am session on the fallow , or so i thought !
    alarm went off 2.30 am sunday morning , went to get up and my legs ceased up , i felt like i had been pigeon shooting for a week non stop , and with a thumping skull ache on top of that , i said sod it and went back to bed !
    after a relaxing day at home , i decided to head out in the evening to one of my permissions 15 mins from my house . i got there and the landowner met me in the yard moaning at me about the red deer causing hell and all crop damage , so with that in my mind off i went to one of my hot spot high seats to await developments . well i waited untill about 8.45 and having seen nothing , i thought i would take the long way back to the truck to see if i could chance my luck on the way .
    well after leaving the high seat , i walked up the track and glassed the standing wheat field to my left and what do i see , a single red spiker about 350 yds away , and for once the wind was in my favour !
    i could see he had his back to me and he was mooching to the far headland , so i know i had to make some ground and fairly sharpish if i was to get a shot , so i hot footed it down the grass head landland , the spiker by this time was browsing on the far headge .
    i finally got within 160 ish yds , sheltered under an oak tree , got the sticks up and got the rifle ready , the spiker then decided he was going to walk away from me , not what i wanted him to do so i reached into my pocket and squeeked my buttolo a couple of times , he stopped and turned around and stood there , i gave a few more squeeks and he came trotting along the headland towards me , i thought to myself 30 more yds and thats your lot , he got to 120 yds i whistled , he stopped cross hairs on the base of the neck and a 120gn barnes tipped tsx dropped him on the spot.
    lovely what a result , a great stalk even though i probebly only took 15 mins tops , a happy stalker and even more importantly happy farmer and a heap of blood for dog training !

    cheers lee

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    Nice one Lee.

    Always great when things go your way and a succesfull trip with one in the larder happens.

    I've had great success with the buttalo down here in Hampshire...

    Have a great season


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