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    recent look out

    Had a mate down from up country to photograph a few bucks .Unfortunately the rut isnt in full swing yet and the deer were loath to participate .All day Friday ,calling at 3 different farms with no success at all .Friday evening however Martin joined us and i managed to shoot a buck that was put out of a wood nearby .Martin was the mover ,although he didnt know it :thumbs: The 6 pointer wandered out infront of us and after a bit of moving about on my knees with the extended bipod in long grass,i had him through the neck at about 40 yds .A good buck im sure you'll agree with very dark stained antlers .

    The following morning ,first light, we went to a place that has a good head of deer .In a field of set aside ,self sown corn and grass mix ,i spotted a buck about 70 yds out and head down,surprising my guest as the grass here was soaking from early morning rain and next to a field of short cut ,fresh grass . .A peep had him alert but edgy,looking at us and back to the field at something unseen by us ,as yet .Another head appeared with more peeping from my guest and them another ,a buck and doe .This buck was far superior to the other so a peeping
    session was started with good results ,bring the doe and buck for better inspection .The grass mix is longer in places so we lost sight of the bigger buck from time to time forcing me to put the cross hairs on the younger buck which i could see plainly.A glance at my guest put me straight as the better buck was now in a shootable position ,albeit another neck shot .My shot hit home but it was clear it wasnt a fatal shot to the vertebrae and he stood wobbling .A follow up shot to the same area grassed him immediately .Another 6 but non typical for this area as it was narrow .Two good bucks from two good outings and excellent company :victory: .

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    Both cracking looking bucks you bagged there


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    Nice buck...but what got me was the scuffled stubble. It's easy to forget up here in the wet North West that it's summer everywhere else! Many folks round here haven't even taken a cut of hay yet.

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    Two great looking bucks!

    Well done!

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    Well done FD 2 very nice bucks

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    On that particular farm mate the stubble is disced the same day,very intensive .

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    A couple of nice looking beasts there fella

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