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Thread: Chiruca Hunting

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    Chiruca Hunting

    Has anybody got these? What is your opinion. I am looking at getting new boots and like the idea of these, but want some advice first as not many places stock these they are "Order only".



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    I know the stalker here has a pair and loves them. If they can do a winter here, they can cope anywhere.

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    I agree they do look like a very good boot. But I don't think I'll throw out my 'Altbergs' just yet.

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    My step daughter is a copper and she swears by Altbergs.

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    I like the Altbergs because they are a small friendly British company. My boots took ages to get to me, when I complained they apologised but explained that half the work force were off with the flu! That's a small work force. Lundhags are also pretty good. A friend of mine wanted a good pair of boots for Scotland. He has ankles like a six year old girl, so I suggested Lundhags and he is very happy with them. 8)

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    I wear Lundhags. Have been wearing them for over 25 years (not the same pair). Here in Sweden you don't see them in the shops. I asked why in my local gun shop and they said it was because modern hunters must have Gore tex in there boots. I can stand in water up to the top of my Lundhags and not a drop leaks in.

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    chiruca hunting

    may be a bit late on this one!! bought a pair, the most comfortable boots i have tried out BUT protected them with the factory cleaners etc, first trip out happened to be wet. dried out as per intructions leather 'blistered' and did not go back to shape. took these back got a new pair got them home the stitching had come undone around tongue. these went back again and i have now got a pair of mouflon. no problem so far.

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