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Thread: .375 H&H Rifle - Try before I Buy!

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    .375 H&H Rifle - Try before I Buy!


    Bit of a long shot and possibly cheeky one but Im in the market for a .375H&H but haven't yet had the opportunity to shoot one! So my question is does anybody in North Wales or Northwest have a .375 that would be willing to let me try? (Including double rifles)

    Obviously I would cover costs of ammo etc

    I can drive to you or you could come to our private mountain range in Wales and make make a day of it ranges up too 1000yrds plenty of steel targets.

    The Rifle is for a spring trip to Canada next year and Africa in the future.

    Thanks in advance

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    Mike at carlton moore range had one. He is on here cant remember his user name. Hes not far from stoke on trent. Have fun

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    Hi lewis
    as the man said , give me a ring 01538 308697

    all the best


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    Great thanks Mike I'll be in touch

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    Hi not sure how far you are from Minsterley ranges but I shoot with the Express Rifle Association and you'd be more than welcome to try my Chapuis Double in .375" or a Krieghoff in 7x65R, my .318" Westley Richards or my Blaser in .416 Rem mag, just to give you a flavour of some of the bigger stuff.


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    You are welcome to try my .375 bolt action or my .500NE double. I'm in Herefordshire.



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    Are you sorted? I'm just back and need to load a few rounds if you still looking.

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