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Thread: post type reticule

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    post type reticule

    anybody use one of these?

    i might put a second scope on my foxing gun (.243 prohunter mountain) using qd mounts and use it as a summer stalking gun with the moderator not fitted. i currently use 8x56 s&b no 8, and a leupold fine duplex. not sure if i would get on with the post type.

    all thoughts/comments greatly appreciated.

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    My father used to have a post reticule fitted to his stalking rifle, when I was home and using it, I didn't like it one bit!! Blocks out far too much of the picture and doesn't come to a fine enough point for the aim.

    More suited to driven game/Big game shooting in my opinion where precise shooting is not required.

    Not thay I agree with that statement either, may I add. All quarry shooting should be accurate to dispatch without undue suffering.

    Just my opinion.


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    I've never used a post type reticle but my stalking mate who has more than forty years experience told me he got rid of his scope with this type of reticle.

    His problem was he could never remember whether he had zeroed to the tip of the post or the intersection of the vertical and horizontal crosshairs which was obviuosly lower

    He is quite capable of shooting roe and red out to 300 yards plus so the difference between the two points of aim could be crucial.

    I've only ever had three scopes in the period I've been stalking and have always stuck to a 4a.

    In my opinion your eyesight is naturally drawn to the intersection of the crosshairs using this type of reticle.


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    Had one like that years ago - found that the post became pretty imprecise (and it was imprecise enough at the best of times) in poor light.

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    I used a Brno with a Ziess Jenna scope with post and rail in the 70s never had a problem shooting with that. The scope on my combi has a post and rail reticule and that is the most accurate weapon i own. I have a Ziess with a #4 rticule on my Heym and on the Ruger#1 a S&B with#4 reticule .
    I don't find any problem useing any of my scopes.

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    I have this reticule on a tasco euroclass 3-12x52 on my .222.
    I find it good at night lamping because the posts stand out well.
    My first choice of reticule would be the one where you have the three posts and a fine crosshair in the middle.
    I have no problems with accuracy,you get used to anything if you fire lots of rounds.
    Each to his own..
    All the best,

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    Had one on a 8x56 S&B. Never really liked it but had good results with it. Even zeroing it was just as good as the No. 4 reticule that I had in also a 8x56 S&B. Very good for the quick shot, but one might shoot a bit high because one doesn't recognise the fine tip. Also at dusk one might tend to shoot a bit high. About 4" at 100yds between tip and thick part if I remember right. No good for holding over at long range crows...


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    I have both 4a and post type reticules on my scopes. The 4a is on a 7x50 fitted to my .222, a combination that has proved to provide good light gathering and precision accuracy at up to 300yds.
    The post type reticule is on a 3-10 variable fitted to my larger rifle and while quick to pick up on low magnification gives a sufficiently precise aiming mark at reasonable distances when the scope is set at higher magnification.
    I believe that it all comes down to personal taste. I am quite happy using both types of reticule, while a friend just could not get on with a post type reticule and swapped his scope very shortly after buying it.
    One preference that I do have irrespective of design, is a liking of reticules with thick posts and cross bars.

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    I have a Pecar Berlin with this type of post reticule on my 243 and have not had any problems with it. I was going to change the reticule as a feature of the Pecar scopes is that the reticules are interchangeable but, the firm has gone to the wall and my chances of a reticule change with it.


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    I have this reticule on my Kahles ZFM 6x42Z. I use it for woodland stalking without any probs at all.
    I find the reticule perfectly adequate for precision shots out to approx 250-300yds. I actually prefer it to a milldot etc due to the clarity of the site picture when in wooded environments.

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