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Thread: shoulder bag

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    shoulder bag

    Anyone know what bag it is on the july 7th issue, page 18 of shooting times? its kind of a shoulder bag cheers


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    probably on a normal date to ask such a question may seem like a good one, however following a series of what appear to be spoof threads its not such a good one.
    i am not sure why you ask what the bag is nor your background but if it was a serious question sorry for the slam dunk. no harm intended.
    i dont subscribe to the mag so have not seen it, whats so fantastic about this particular bag that interests you.
    i hope you do manage to find out what it is what it does and why the said stalker is wearing it.
    it may well be a new designer label bag for stalkers.... who knows.

    will not let the wife see it thats for sure.

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    Im after a bag, but dont want a back pack so to speak. Shoulder bags tend to twist round if you lean forward. This bag looked to fasten round the waist and over one shoulder (so out the way of rifle) Looked well made with plenty room, and wouldnt move or interfer with rifle. Just wanted to find a bit more info on it. It looked practical. Not interested in gucci stuff.
    Prob cost a packet. But if anyone can recommend something.


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    A deer stalker, but im wishing i hadnt bothered asking now

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    I have not seen the article but I think I know the type of bag you mean, goes over one shoulder and fastens around the hips. Can't think who makes them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    I have not seen the article but I think I know the type of bag you mean, goes over one shoulder and fastens around the hips. Can't think who makes them!
    thats the type

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    Maybe I'm missing something here. The guy comes on, asks a question that seems pretty straightforward - then gets slapped down as though he has suggested shooting deer with an HMR.

    I'm surprised by the reactions from the individuals concerned, and disappointed at the thought that attitudes could be changing on this site.

    Spoony, sorry - had a look and like the design, but it is not one I recognise. You could have a problem identifying the bag as it looks like a ST library picture.



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    I defiantly remember one of the big brand names having several of these, not sure if it was Hubertus, I will have to search tinternet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockingod View Post
    Come on Admin.....Get your act together !
    I have just deleted anything unhelpful or off topic. If you don't think the question is worthy of a response then simply click onto a different thread.

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    Cheers for the helpful responses, can anyone recommend something similar?

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