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Thread: Well Chuffed...peeep peeep peeep

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    Well Chuffed...peeep peeep peeep

    Had to post this thread as Im so chuffed! Been stalking two years now and never had any deer during the rut respond to my Buttalo call. But went out this eve to the end of my garden as the combines were working on the corn, saw a lovely Doe but no bucks. Decided to pop to house and get the call and binos ....did three peeeps and started to giggle as the doe jumped up and came to within 20 yards....didnt come closer as I had some bits of poly bag in the apples trees to keep the deer away...well least they seem to be working!.
    Anyway like I say im well chuffed....might seem nowt to most....but maybe you have forget the first time you fooled a deer.....have to admit though I thought a buck would be my first to be fooled not a doe....would that be because she thought my three peeps were a Kid in distress????


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    Yup thought it was a kid, good thing about that is if she had a Buck in attendance he would have followed her,

    Getting the call just right is not easy kids make a call Does coming in to season make a call and Does in full heat make a call all are different, its possible to buy a cd which demonstrates the different calls, and how and when to use them.

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    I used a buttalo with a slide that has numbers on was set to half way...I will make a note and remember where it was set to. Also will a doe respond any other time of year or just in this time of year....I alos tried other settings on the call but she just looked over as if to say ...cant fool me now still very very relaxed

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    The Buttalo always works like a charm when you dont have a rifle with you.

    i called a young buck in on tuesday but could not shoot due to the crass being 5" tall. all I could see was him moving in a series of jumps until he was so close the game was up

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    Had a similar experience last week.

    Was out with the camera, (not the rifle). Saw a doe and buck on the edge of the field in the distance (circa 300 yds) heading toward trees, and by the time I got close, they had long since disappeared into the trees. Waited a while in long grass, then decided to use the Buttolo on the full two-tone Fee-Ahhhh call. Ptrobably no mre than two seconds later, the doe absolutely charged out of the trees, followed by the buck, came to within about 10 yards of me, staring straight at me. By Murphy's law there was too much long grass in the way to get the pics I really wanted without moving too much to spook them, but did get a couple of fairly decent pics.

    The Buttolo can produce dramatic results, but then again, when used with the two tone call, it is imitating a doe who really is in the last few seconds before probably being mounted by the buck. So you can understand another buck being interested in trying to get a piece of the action with a lady who is hot!

    The flipside was last night. Went out with rifle this time, used the Buttolo on full 2 tone call, and all it attracted was a Munty who barked long and loud in 4 sessions each of about 5 to 10 minutes, over about an hour and a half, but steadfastly refused to come out of the dense jungle-like vegetation.

    The joys of calling Roe during the Rut!

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