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Thread: Midland game fair

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    Midland game fair

    Hi all is anybody going to be at this years Midland game fair if so pop in to decoying uk on gunmakers row and say hello (im the young lad).

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    Hi Conner,I shall be there on the Sunday,might pop in

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    Conner pop on to tne BDS stand and say hello

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    Me and Fran are always over for the Midland nice day out although twenty quids plenty for a day walking around what is to all intents and purposes a market, or posh car boot sale

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    Hi connor

    a few friends and myself are heading over from Ireland for the weekend, I don't know about gun makers row but we will definately be in the beer tent ;-), I will certainly drop by for an intro.


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    Will be there almost annual pilgramage, although I agree entrance prices are getting prohibitive.


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    It'll be my first year at the midlands this year, I have heard good things.


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    I'll be there on the Saturday, first time for 11 years, be interesting to see what has changed.
    (other than the prices)


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    Hi Connor
    I will pop in to say hello, Looks like i will be after a pair of boots that don't squeak.And a coat that doesn't leak
    Would be great if i can get a bargain, At least 20 quid of rrp but i think them days have gone.

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    Ok connor we will call by,we visit the midlands game fair most years,but tend to take our own buttys bloomin eck ,have you guys seen what they charge for a burger #~/#})%">
    I could turn the air blue,any mate look forward to seeing you and the rest of the lads


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