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Thread: That'll teach you to shoot me (or Roebuck's Revenge)

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    That'll teach you to shoot me (or Roebuck's Revenge)

    Sunday 1st August 2010
    Our task for the day was to render down the deer that had been in the chiller for twelve days. I made a start around 10:00. This boy was the toughest roe I have ever dealt with. The twelve days in the chiller had tenderized the meat but separating that from the skin took me nearly two hours. He was in good condition with loads of fat around his haunches, which made the skinning even more difficult.
    The butchery took even longer. The shoulders came off easily enough and Mrs. Techman made a start taking the meat off the bone, as we realized at that stage that only mincing would do for them. The haunches came off fairly easily and weighed 7Lbs each. Then came the difficult bit, taking out the fillet. I had to re-sharpen my knife. Even then cutting through the sinew was difficult and getting the meat off the backbone cleanly took a long while. Finally, taking strips from between the ribs took another half hour and I felt I shouldn’t have bothered.
    I then cut down the skeleton to sizable sections and put it into a bag along with the skin and prepared myself mentally for the next phase, mincing. This finished up at just over 12Lbs. The sinew and lower shins were minced for the ferrets which made another 2lbs (incidentally I have seen less attractive mince from supermarkets). Everything was bagged up and in the freezer and we were finished around 16:00.
    Finally and definitely finally, I had two trout to fillet from yesterday. Collapsed on the sofa with a cup of tea around 17:00.

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    Tiring but satisfying no?

    Have you done many? I've only butchered half a dozen or so on my own and find that it takes me a fraction of the time it used to... probably about 1.5 hours to skin it and disassemble into boned haunches, trimmed fillets, a big plate of meat ready for the mincer and a bare skeleton. Still slow by butchers' standards I'm sure but a far cry from the several hours it took the first time, stopping every few minutes to play the next bit of the youtube butchering guides!

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    wish i had a big chiller to allow them to hang... maybe one day.

    atb. f

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    CSL I have been doing them for about 25 years now amd usually it takes the same time as you, but never one as tough as this one. I have skinned easier Muntjac.

    Centralbelt. I have a comercial Cocacola cabinet, bought for £80 a few years back. Nothing special but it will hold 4 roe.

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