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Thread: looking for a swarovski variable

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    looking for a swarovski variable

    gents, looking for a swarovski variable, 4 - 16 x 50 or similar, 30mm tube, plex or tds reticle.

    can offer swarovski 8 x 56 swap or px, anyone got anything they want to do a deal on?

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    try macloeds of tain

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAULT View Post
    try macloeds of tain
    why didnt i think of that?

    tried everywhere in trade, cand find second hand one of right spec anywhere

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    PV 4-16x50's are like bloody hens teeth. Been looking for one myself for a least the past month.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I could be interested in the 8 x 56 if it's 30mm tube, how much do you want for it? I'm near Reading so not too far away.

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    8 x 56 is 30mm but wont be avilable until i find the variable - a few have asked by PM.

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    my friend has this up forsale

    Swarovski 6-24x50 PV High Grid Illuminated,
    The PVI-2 version, developed specially for fox-hunting and shooting at long distances, is fitted with the illuminated TDS-4l reticle,

    I bought it brand new myself and still have everything that came with it in the box, the scope condition all over is still as new

    1,694.98 in the Sportsman.

    Im asking 1150.

    pm me if your interested i can pass details on
    UK GUNWORKS customized 260 AI on a Remmy 700 Blue printed action, Border barrel 1/8 twist, McMillan Hunter stock, Third eye sound mod, 20MOA rail, Rings and bolt knob, Zeiss Conquest 6-20x50 scope

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claret_Dabbler View Post
    PV 4-16x50's are like bloody hens teeth. Been looking for one myself for a least the past month.
    Quite lovely they are too.
    I've got through a LOT of scopes, and my PV4-16 is just about perfect.
    Keep on looking!

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    i love my 4-16x50 TDS4 ,i might know of A S/H one

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    all sorted now thanks, my scope arrived today and can only be described as a boxed minty! very pleased. perhaps Brian (claret dabbler) should be offered first refusal on a s/h 4 -16 x 50 tds-4.

    i actually ended up with a 4 - 24 x 50 tds-4i, which i intend to put on the .243 R93 to start with. 8 x 56 for sale soon!

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