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Thread: 12 kilo 25-26 lb

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    12 kilo 25-26 lb

    The new game dealer in my area has now stated the cut of weight for 1 a pound is 25lb now that means every deer shot under that the price given will be 50p per lb meaning a good size kid will fall short.What will you lot do with the deer that fall short will you still give to the game dealer or process your selfs, Als odes any one know what a say 30lb roe fresh shot drys out to in a chiller.

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    Any Roe under 24lb has always been a 'no wantee' with my local game dealer, or 10 to take it off your hands
    They are nice and tender at that age, unless it is an old one that has been ill .
    I can see where the Game Dealer is coming from though, it takes the butcher the same cuts and time but ends up with more bone than meat.

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    I can also understand and will make sure that all that dont make the cut off weight go in the freezer for own and private consumption.

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