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Thread: rutting activity

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    rutting activity

    these two burst out the undergrowth not 10 yrds from me this evening, i only had 1 min 30 seconds left on the card but this went on for at least 5 mins infront of me and his tongue was out when they came into the field.....

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    that was really good quality and good to watch, did you try getting his attention with call

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    Well done apollo and he looks like a nice buck

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    Great footage. You can really see the agility of these animals. Even at speed they can turn on a sixpence. Well done.

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    Its a bit of an embaressment but myself and my stalking partner had just set up another highseat in the wood in the background, its a two piece steel one that pushes together but it wouldnt go no matter what we tried so we decided to bash it against a big tree and on the third attempt it slammed shut on my thumb so i should of been at hospital not out stalking so it was easier to work the camera than bother with the gun and my kit was left at the bag, and my call was in my its off to the hospital i go.

    P.S after they went through the hedge on the left i wactched for a while and one of the deer not sure which one chased a fox out of the hedge and followed him up the hedge, i think it was just chase anything

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    Cracking footage! Nice work! did you grass him?


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    well done mate now thats video, what type where you using or was it on your phone.
    i never get good video on my phone and in order to get good ones need the sony with me...
    just not fair ha ha

    well done and thanks


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    Excellent footage! She's really sprinting at full stretch isn't she. If a woman put that much effort into running away from me I'd probably get the hint!

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    Nice one Eddie
    I crushed my thumb a bit back between the quad and trailer felt a bit sorry for myself until I was talking to one of my farmers he had crushed a finger in a post rammer
    Nothing they could do with it so had to cut it off, mine didnt look so bad after that


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    WAYNE AND APOLLO is was staling on an estate a few years back the stalker there chris had asked me to take off the antlers off all the stags with a saw.He said i dont want anouther accident .He then went on to tell me he could jump off his argo open the gate to his property let the agro continue through shut the gate and jump on it and away. But on this day he had a big 12 point stag and a even bigger german . He jumped off the argo opened the gate and at this seen the german kick the head of the stag over the edge just getting settled chris tried to flick the head back in when the antler pierced his scrotum and pin his left ball to the gate post. NOW THATS GOT TO BE PAIN FULL DOSE IT MAKE YOU FEEL BETER

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