I wished I was in the rut........................!

I was out this morning in my part of Aberdeenshire and hoping, given this date as about the peak of our rut to see some activity. But alas there was non. Actually, since the end of July and till now I have seen very little rutting activity and only once seen a buck chasing a doe and that was last week. Even then I saw a good few deer including bucks with one or two with does.

This morning I saw four bucks of which three were on their own, only one in the company of a doe and they seemed quite settled. I tried to stalk into two and one I tried to call but he was not interested at all.

Given the winter we experienced this year and the subsequant effect on the deer, I wonder if this may be the reason. I would like to hear from other SD members of their experiences of the rut and especially so in the Aberdeenshire area.

With just a few days leave left I rather gather I will not be in the rut this year.