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Thread: High Seat Cushion

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    High Seat Cushion

    If like me you have a few wooden high seats or want to give your plastic seats a bit more warmth and comfort take a square of vets bedding which is available from most pet shops and game fairs etc. Its easy to roll up and carry, is warm and its pretty durable and machine washable..... best of all its cheap!

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    you can also use neoprene.

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    Youv'e already got something furry and warm up in your high seat with you,that nice looking terrier of yours!!!
    All the best,

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    Quote Originally Posted by needsy
    you can also use neoprene.
    You can also use doughnuts, gain some extra and never be without a cushion again

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    i think steyr243 tried that method buckup,well he was making some strange sounds mate.peep peep

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    Hello mate, you are right! He said it was his buttolo call, more butt-chaffing I recon, still it did cause a huge stampede of deer (running away from the pong)
    I have been looking for one on ebay ever since
    I've tried to do his way by shifting my weight from one cheek to tother but mine will only go parp and not peep, any advice?
    Cheers mate,
    P.S. when are you going to announce the first deer shot??

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    i think he eats alot of sprouts .got a couple of stalks coming up so who not saying anymore i will let you know what happens mate.peep peep

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    Self Inflating Cushions are available from some stalking suppliers, or at lower pricess in camping shops and ebay. They roll up into your pocket, but are wonderfully warm and comfortable when sitting in a high seat.

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    OK not for everyone, but the Harkila Kodiac has one on a string in the back pouch....took me a couple of outings to find it!

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    Garden kneeling pads, foam 1"thick and are dead cheap from wilkos

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