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Thread: Roe on the stubble.

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    Roe on the stubble.

    Here's a video from this morning,

    We were out after a young cull buck or an old trophy buck. This one didn't fit the bill so he was left for another time.


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    Brilliant footage!

    He didn't want to be coaxed away from her by your squeaks though did he! I guess a 'doe in hand' is worth more than 'two behind the straw bale'!


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    really good, could do with some of that sun here,


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    Great footage Mark,and a nice looking rack on him as well.

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    Great video. Thanks for posting it online. The weather looked great too. They are good looking animals, good to see.


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    Nice footage can i ask what camera you were using

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    great video mate.
    when will you take that fellow do you think.
    is it later this year or will you see if he develops to a medal next year.


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    Thanks guys, it certainly was a beautiful morning.

    Rick, It was the clients camera, a Sony of some type, about 3 years old.

    Choc, I tend to disagree with you a little on that one. I had this buck down as a youngster, probably a 2 year old. Now he has a reasonable 6 point head with good shape and longish front tines. In a few years it's quite possible he will be of medal class. I have shot medal class bucks from this place in the past and going by his shape he is the same line. Now you say she could go and get covered by another "more substantial" buck but that doesn't matter when it's a case of genetics. This 2 year old 6 pointer will pass on the same genes now as he will when he's a 6 year old medal class buck. The age and size of it's head doesn't alter its genetic potential. Of the young bucks I cull they are nearly all 2 or 4 point yearlings. We regularly get good 6 point yearlings in this area and they are all left to grow up, like this buck will be. I'm by no means an expert at this but it seems to be working for me so far.


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    Good opinion Mark for me it is what is actual that counts you say he MIGHT make a medal class buck and that is true but he also MIGHT not if i have an infearior buck that is not the best that area normally has he will be removed at this timeif he is courting a doe so he cannot cover her. i would have let my guest shoot him in fact i would have asked him to. We dont have naturally good bucks were i am we need to work hard so there is no way guess work would come into it.

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