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Thread: Tikka 695 or Sako 75

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    Tikka 695 or Sako 75

    Now i have sold my Sauer and got the variation back i am seriously looking for a new rifle.

    As above either a Tikka or a Sako in 6.5x55. Seen the one on Gun Trader and despite Hugh Surrey doing me a big favour going to have a look at it im not sure i am brave enough to go for it without seeing it first hand.

    Ideally screw cut 1/2unf or uncut

    Does anyone know of anything in the offing please (either themselves or in their area)?


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    It's not a 6.5x55, but I have a very nice Sako Hunter in 270:

    For Sale: REVISED AD - Sako 75 Hunter in 270......


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    Hi Andrew

    Sorry, i have set on a 6.5x55.

    I have looked at your rifle and cant believe it is still not sold but i cant help you im afraid, now if it was a 6.5x55 it would already have been in my cabinet! (i know its no comfort though)


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    try amhobbs firearms 01761413961 midsomer norton nr bath has a sako 6.5x 55 with mod .

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    Hi Dan

    No worries, it was worth a try! Like you, I'm really surprised I haven't sold the rifle - Sako's are fine rifles, 270 is a good (if not universally liked!) calibre and I think the price I'm asking is about right.


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    Anything else knocking around out there?


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    there wa saguy calle dsteve on the air gun bbs site selling his tikka 695 in that caliber it looks a beauty. dont no if its still for sale. worth a look.
    he is a cracking lad. i sold him a 22lr once. and is one of the honest guys you will ever meet

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    Have spoken to him about it but he came to his senses and is holding onto it!

    Anything else?


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    Ive got a sako 75 6.5x55 what's your Budget?

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    The Countryman of Derby has a brand new Sako 85 stainless synthetic in 6.5 x 55. I appreciate its an 85 rather than a 75 but it is a good price. I think he wants 1269 for it. Its been in there a while. I have looked at it and can confirm that it is mint.



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