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Thread: Lightforce Scope Mounted Lamps

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    Lightforce Scope Mounted Lamps

    I am going to order either a 140 or a 170, (They retail anywhere from 55to 75 depending on what you order) that's not the problem, what I want to know is-

    Do they come complete with a charger and battery pack OR are these an additional order on top of the Lamp?

    Don't just want to order it then realise that I need to order the Battery and Charger.

    I will be ordering online so I can't speak to a sales Rep to ask.

    Cheers in advance.


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    i would think at that price there will be no battery and hav to purchase that seperately look on ebay for lamping kits , quite a lot of online stores on there

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    Cheers Buddie.


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    Hi TJ,

    For that price it will be just the lamp, before you pick a 140/170 try and find someone with the lightforce predator kit, this is a complete kit that comes in a neat litle storage box. When using a scope mounted lamp i find that the smaller the lamp the better a the wind blowing on the lamp can make it very hard to hold the rifle still, I haven't seen a predator kit for sale but it's definately worth looking for one, they might not shine as far as a 170 but the battery lasts longer and they are a lot neater to carry.
    Having said all that, I use a 170 on the 223 if i have to use a scope mount.

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    for that price definately no battery. i have a lightforce 170 which is a great handheld lamp but i'm not sure how good it would be scope mounted, its pretty big! i have red filter which is probably better for bunnies than charlie (amber allows beam to shine further, and my lamp man has one of them, so we have best of both worlds.) i also have a cluson, which is a great little lamp when using no filter, but when you add filter it cuts it right down. i bought cluson scope adaptor but had to send it back as it wouldnt fit with my scope with warne rings on, the screws are on the top they got in the way. another thing with the lightforce filters is you need to tape the edges up so no light shines back and screws with your night vision. i,ve made an adaptor to plug the lf 170 into the cluson battery pack but the batterys not really up to the job of a 100w lamp, its only 7.2ah.

    hope that helps. if your near west berks your more than welcome to come and try them out.

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    Just looking on their site, not to bad, what would you recommend?

    Too much choice.

    I will be using it for bunny bashing with my .22 and Foxing with my .243, one extreme to the other.

    The scope clamp thing, is that adjustable? Reason being, I have a 1" tube Bushnell on my .22 and a 34mm tube PM2 on my .243


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    i hav been using clusons for years now but over the last few years the quality seems to hav gone a little wayward
    from when they changed the filter attachments from a push fit to a flip lid good idea but easily broken and the light escapes out of the side a little tape solves that, the battery packs don't seem to hold their charge for aslong and we hav had 5 new chargers in the last 2 years but you can get other battery units that fit which hav a universal charger ,the lamps are still working fine, the scope mounts are actualy quite good but would recommend buying one fitting for each scope for the cost of them as swapping the light from one fitting to the other is quite quick and easy
    just may need to look at at alternative batery packs
    hope this helps in some way

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    I use the deben max pro tracer.
    It comes with a stock mounted on/off switch and brightness control,battery pack and pouch,charger and 25mm mount.
    I bought a 30mm mount to go on my .222 and a flip up red filter as extra's.
    I paid 125 for the lot.
    It's a good bit of kit.

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    I use a scope-mounted 170, which I swap between a .22, a .223 and a shotgun. I don't find the wind a problem with the diameter of the lens affecting stability. I'd buy the Lightforce dimmer switch kit too. I ordered my lamp from Sportsman along with the separate (and crap) Cluson battery and charger.

    My scope has a 30mm tube and the mount doesn't flex to allow a wider diameter. Perhaps Lightforce makes a separate mount for 34mm tubes.

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