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Thread: my First Elk !

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    my First Elk !

    It was the first Monday in October 2001 . Myself and three other hunters had been invited to southern Sweden for the fist day of the driven game season( elk ,deer ,wildboar and foxes )
    As we gathered around the camp fire instuctions were given in Swedish and again in English and we were welcomed by the team . We were given an instruction sheet about what Elk we could shoot , it was all quite confusing ,you could shoot an Elk with 3 points on one side and 3 on the other ,but not one with 3 points on one side and 2 on the other . What was i supposed to do as the Elk came charging through the cover ?. Ask him to stop while i counted his points!
    There was another rule if a cow Elk came through with 2 calves you could shoot one of them . If she had only one calf you could not shoot any of them . We were allocated hi seats and then sections of the wood were walked through with the aid of dogs . It was a beautiful autumn morning with the sun light showing all the colours of the wood and that smell you only get from sitting amongst the trees, I checked all around for likely places where i might be able to get a shot off , there were only two . To be honest i was hoping an Elk didn,t come anywhere near me as i was desperate not to make a mistake in front of my hosts . As i sat there i could hear the dogs barking way off ,as i listened the noise of the dogs got louder and closer . I was praying it would be a boar or roe deer . The yapping then went away from me so i relaxed , as my heart slowed down i heard some twigs snap to my left ! Then more noise , then i could see a cow Elk walking away from me ,in cover . My mind was in a muddle ,did she have one calf or two , was she on her own!If she did present should i shoot her ! Then in the clearing 80m in front me she turned broadside , it was now or never . I fired the bullet struck ,she wobbled but didn,t go down ,I fired again and she fell . The next though in my mind was, is a calf going to wonder out the cover ! . I took for what seemed like an age for the others to get to me ,the first Swede checked the Elk and delared with a smile it was a two year old calf less Elk . Now i could begin to enjoy it !There were hand shakes and congratulations all around . We all helped process the Elk and then had a celebration drink around the fire . I later heard that in the last 20 years an Elk had never been shot in that area ,in my honour they renamed it Englishman, s corner which i though was a nice touch.

    good hunting Chill

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    Congrats Chill,

    When you say elk, do you mean moose? (elg)

    I'm taking part in my first moose hunt this October, can't wait

    The Englishman's corner is a nice touch!

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    Well done on shooting your first Älg. It really stirs the blood when you hear the dog barking.
    There is something about the smell of the forest in the Autumn.
    I'm of down the running moose range on Saturday to start getting my eye in for the coming season.

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    elg...Älg... you say tomato, I say tomato...

    Sorry to sidetrack with the skandi talk.

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