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    Hi All,

    Has anyone used the Ridgeline clothing in the UK? Is it waterproof, and most importantly - WARM (being from the Southern hemisphere i suffer in the cold!)??

    Any other recommendations?


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    Sp4rkman, I have the trousers, I tried them on in a shop, and got them from paddlesdown on the bay for less than they would have cost. I think it's the 'Roar' I bought, they have an odd absence of pockets, which makes me think that they are intended on being a layer rather than a pair of outer trousers.
    The camoflauge is buffallo, which is pretty good for where I stalk, however I would have prefered green, as I don't like wearing too much camo.
    I'm not sure that anything is really waterproof, these ones still rustle a bit, being relatively new, so I think when I do get caught in a down pour, they will be pretty good.

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    i have the roar jacket, excellent for highseat work or on the coldest windy days. do sweat a bit in it if you have to exert yourself. the hood in the collar is like wearing a neck brace. done one doe season in it and walked the dog twice a day all over winter. no complaints as i was given it! would i buy one - no i have one

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    Think Swazzi without the price tag! The Glos gun company and Glos rifle range have been trialling this gear for the last year and are very impressed with it. It doesn't leak and when layered correctly with a good quality merino base layer (in winter) have been outstanding. Interestingly when looking at the two companies the products they produce are remarkably similar, how many clothes factories can there be in New Zealand? And when I say trialling them I mean just that, 4 days a week stalking, rain or shine and as yet no complaints. Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sp4rkman View Post
    Hi All,
    Has anyone used the Ridgeline clothing in the UK? Is it waterproof, and most importantly - WARM (being from the Southern hemisphere i suffer in the cold!)??
    Hi Sp4rkman

    You have obviously never been to NZ, the south Island especially, it is like Scotland except it rains a lot, and you need not worry about the cold.

    Typical NZ hunting terrain.

    Good, cheap stuff, but don’t kid yourselves it is not Swazi.



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    I use a lot of Ridgeline gear, i flog the hell out of it, rate it and find it great value (at NZ prices tho) - check out and see for yourself, a pound gets you about $2.15 NZ dollars at the moment.......i can't believe how expensive good outdoor clothing is over here !!! - Another plug for a good kiwi product - Icebreaker merino wool base layers, trust me once you start wearing this you won't stop - Tiso have it in stock.......ok off to see if Stoney Creek (NZ) are still making gear.....oh and Huntech (NZ)........!!! - Just get anything from NZ it won't let you down !!! - Cheers Guys

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    Huntec is great gear, I brought a jacket from the factory shop in Upper Hut off Steve the owner, this was before they started making the stuff in China. I brought a Swazi Jacket a couple of years latter thinking the Huntec wouldn’t last that long, 8 years later it is still going strong, looks like I will get 10 plus years out of it and it has never let water in.



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