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Thread: The rut 2010

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    The rut 2010


    Not sure, but I think the rut has finally started down in Dorset

    Attachment 2129 Photo taken at lunchtime today.......

    Happy shooting!


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    Nice one Andy..

    Them boys down South dont mind a bit of
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Hi Terry,

    Yep the drizzle kept coming but the deer didnt seem to mind. I got soaked and had to constantly keep trying to clean the rain off the camera lens in order to keep taking the pictures. That is the reason some of the shots aren't as clear as they might have been. The buck mounted the doe about a dozen times or more in the twnety minutes I was watching the pair. here are a couple of other angles (for the more advanced deer stalkers amongst us )

    Attachment 2133

    Attachment 2134

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    Nice one Andy ...and bet that buck's smoking a roll up now!!

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    Deer porn on the Stalking Directory! Do we need an over 18's section?

    Great shots!

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    i think that could be a good sign of the rut lakey

    great pictures mate !!

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    The full story of how I took the photos is quite good so here goes.

    I was driving between Wimborne and Blandford at lunchtime today and noticed a couple of deer in a field of rape stubble. I stopped my jeep on the verge and watched them for a while, and noticing a gate into the field down a side road, I moved the car and relocated to the gateway. The deer had worked their way towards the gateway a bit but still too far for a photo, so a couple of peeps on the buttolo, had the doe coming to investigate. She was with a small four point buck, and once they had got about 30 metres from the gateway, they both sat down exhausted from all the running about. I took a couple of shots of the young buck, and as I then wanted a shot of them both stood up I let out a couple of further peeps on the buttolo. The buck eventually stood up and I was just about to squeeze off a shot of the youngster stood up when there was a thunder of hooves from the left of the gate way, and a much older bigger buck ran directly at the young fella and chased him off. He then came back and started rutting hard with the young bucks doe. There was no foreplay so to speak just a bit of chasing and wham bam thankyou maam.

    I dont think the young buck could believe his bad luck as he came back twice trying to get his doe back, but each time the larger buck ran him off. I came away after 20 minutes and about 40 shots on the camera.Soaking wet but with a broad grin on my face.

    Here is a couple of pictures of the smaller buck........ Poor Bugger!!

    Attachment 2135

    Attachment 2136
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    Right place right time...great pics thanks for sharing fella.

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    yeah, brilliant pics. Good one.

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    Very good, one for the country file photo comp!!

    well done


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