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Thread: And another!!!

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    And another!!!

    Well those that are set above us in regulation of us mere mortals have done it again!, I was listening to the radio today while in the shovel, Nottingham police have Tasered a 14 year old girl, instead of the intended male adult they wished to apprehend.
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    it was on the radio, the girl was being interviewed and asked 'how did you feel' she replied ' it took me by supprise and i was SHOCKED'. It made me chuckle

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    Makes your hair stand on end
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    shocking story, ha ha

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    I hope she apologised to the police for any stress given !

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    No doubt the IPCC will whitewash it over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by basil View Post
    No doubt the IPCC will whitewash it over.
    i dont think you will hear about it again..... this, like most like it, dissapear

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