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Thread: Our own John-Yorkshire Deer Stalking in Sporting Rifle

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    Our own John-Yorkshire Deer Stalking in Sporting Rifle

    I don't know if this has been posted but i thought i would let you know i picked up my first copy of sporting rifle today to give it a go and was surprised to see a familiar face of John Robson from yorkshire roe stalking on page 42 taking Nick Latus for his DSC2 stalk. Just thought it may have been of interest to some of you.


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    For you guys that work out the country like me and cant get physical access to these magazines, I have found a website where you can buy electronic copies of this publication (and all previous publications), alongside loads of other specific interest groups mags. It doesn't cost any more than the hard copy price but they are fully down-loadable for offline reading. I use it and it works fantastically well.

    Admin, am I allowed to post third party web page addresses on posts like this to allow directory members access to this info?
    If admin come back and so no, guys can PM me and I will supply the web address.

    Cheers, Jd.

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    Might be why jon was very staunch in his support for the mag i will stick with this i dont like mag,s

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    I am in no way linked to the magazine but feel it is honestly aimed at those like me. People new to the sport interested in reading peoples write ups and a dew reviews along the way so i won't hesitate to buy it again. Of course this may change as i gain more of my own knowledge and experience.


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    Actually I knew John was beign featured as he told me back in April. He was not sure what to expect but is open minded. I have not read the piece as i have not brought the magazien since my last woeful experience buying and reading it.

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    Dunno about getting SR on line or any other way, but I was in the dairy in the nearest town, Ashhurst if anyone can use google, the other day as Kim and Samuel wanted ice creams, and of course I had to have one too,( memories eh Wayne,)anyway I noticed on the magazine shelf 3 copies of SR, it`s even getting out here now too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Choc View Post
    Might be why jon was very staunch in his support for the mag i will stick with this i dont like mag,s
    I have openly condemed the magazine in the past and genuinely feel its got better covering more things I like now.
    I have been featured X3 times now and have advertised for free for 2 years.
    This has not biased me.
    It is the only British thing easily available to shooters covering only rifles.
    Some things still should not be put to press IMO(but thats is MO).
    Lets not go down this road yet again.
    Pay your 3.50 or buy a pint or x2 cartridges, its your choice just don't keep harping on about a magazine its time to rise above it and get a life.

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    +1 on that, vote with your pocket, or ignore the mag, it has got better with Selena's input and I have renewed, bet she's still smarting like others, including newbys from the rightous few with no lives to lead, you had a pasting too Robo that was undeserved. deerwarden

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    I buy it ! i know im anewbe but i get some good info from mags....And its nice to see some good looking tottie in there ..


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    For the record I don't intend to let this become yet another SR bashing thread. It was intended as a heads up about an article featuring one of our members.

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