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    I`ve just received notification of my direct debit payment to BASC, for the sum of 62. Not a large sum in the grand scheme of things but, I do feel like a little chappie, paying an excessive premium which tends to oil the lifestyle of those "considerably richer than I am".

    My little rough shoot is, just that.
    My little piece of stalking is, just that too.
    The land is not my own, it is not big enough or important enough or worth the effort of any of BASC`s land usage schemes. And I, for some reason,
    have never, ever been invited in for drinkies or cheese and pineapple stick things and therefore mingle with the funny talking and unusually dressed BASC hierarchy, at any of the game fairs.

    So, I am in BASC for the insurance, and BASC membership is compulsory where I am taking my DSC1 next month.
    But I do feel a rebellion coming on and surely there`s cheaper insurance out there.TONY M.

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    I'm with you on this one Tony M. If it wasn't for the insurance I'd ditch BASC. Both the wife and I have our shooting insurance with them but feel that I wouldn't be too welcome at those offical 'cock and arse' parties as we used to call them in the RN.

    I too am looking for cheaper insurance.

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    hi tony
    i am afraid this is only going to rise in price but so has the the amount of cover you recieve,
    i am in both organisations not sure why as either one is as good as the other in one way or another , but they do need membership to survive
    there are lots of other organisations out there you could try, can't tell you the best one ,but sure there will be good points and bad about them all
    all you can do is compare prices , level of cover and then listen to any comments from others that are in these other organisations and go from there , i have heard the NGO is getting a good following and one to look at
    take care my friend
    good luck with your DSC1

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    I missed out on that one! Good luck with your DSC 1 Tony M. Just remember 'mirror, signal, manouvre, shoot'!

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    Thank you both, really looking forward to it.
    learning so much already, but of course I now realise how little I knew to start with TONY M

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    Its not just the insurance tho?

    look at the campaining that is done for us.

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    im in the national gamekeepers organisation and you get the same ammount of cover and its 30 a year so its happy days,and you are always made welcome in to the stand for a cuppa at the gamefairs.i would not entertain basc again.

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    I am with BASC but have never been sure why? Insurance has been cheaper with other organisations for a long time now.

    As a matter of interest, if you are a member of two organisations who both offer insurance, what happens if the worst happens and there is cause for a claim. Who pays out. In other walks of life, many insurance companies cover you providing you are not covered by another company. How does it work? Anyone know?

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    hi andy
    i am with both basc and bds
    both policies cover you for most events but their wording is slightly different and cover is also slightly different but basc does cover you for almost everthing even worldwide, where as there are afew grey areas with the bds regarding game shooting and abroad that is changing all the time for the better (bds are only for deer so good for them to think beyond that)
    basc seem to uphold thier part of the bargain no matter how many other organisations you may be a member of
    never had to call on the bds but would hope they would do the same aslong as your claim is legit and only claiming through them then again they are just an organisation and zurich is the insurance company they use maybe i need to dig a little deeper into this for my own sake

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    I believe BASC is the only one to give you cover world wide.
    I mentioned this aspect to the NGO last year and was told they are looking at but need to keep premiums down so may not take it up.
    Don't know about BDS or SAGBI.

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