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Thread: Swarovski CTS ( My first post)

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    Swarovski CTS ( My first post)

    Hello this will be my first proper post on here so be kind,
    I m currently very interested in the Swarovski CTC 75 draw scope, does any one have some experience with this scope, ie how easy it is to use, is it bulky, heavy is it really necessary etc etc. some pros and cons please.
    I thank you for any replies now as I m night shift and just about to get some shut eye.

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    Hi David

    A mate of mine has the CTC, predominately for assessing stags on the hill, but it does come in handy on the roe for spying from a long distance before deciding whether to stalk into a beast.

    I haven't had to heft it for miles, but it does compress down into a handy size that can be slung over your shoulder. The clarity of the optics is very good and it is a big boon to have such a high magnification, although it helps to have a solid rest as things can get a bit wobbly! It appear pretty solid and well made, although it hasn't had too much of a hard life in the time he has had it, so can't comment on this in too much depth.

    Hope this helps!


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