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Thread: first of this years season

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    first of this years season

    it was a last minute decision as i finished my tea on sat night,
    when i looked at the time and thought if i hurry i will hav time for a quick look around , so armed with my brno 30-06, i took off up this hedgerow ,first deer to see was a roe doe, then further up the field another doe with a couple of last years young a few yards on from her was another doe a bit more obliging that the others

    onward i went only to bump into another small group of does (pictures did not come out) but still no buck , onward i went, still only 400 yards into the stalk when a bunch of fallow appeared , never on this paticular piece of ground hav i shot a fallow and still haven't nice to see but still can't get camera to work properly then i saw it my first buck , he also saw me ran thiry yards and stopped on the skyline for a moment or too then turned tail and gone, light now starting to go headed back to the car
    to my surprise in the very first field i walked up about 100 yards from the car was 2 does then a third appeared this was a bit bigger with a thicker body and neck , yes i though a buck gently nearing the hedge i positioned my sticks and placed the cross hairs on his neck slipped the safety catch and squeezed the trigger, big puff of hair and watched him drop with in seconds all hell broke loose with about 5 more roe does running in every direction wondering what happened ?
    the answer was this

    my first roe buck of the season
    camera now back on track after a little fiddling about with the buttons

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    Well done, nice Buck and good shooting.

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    Can you make the pics a bit smaller

    I hate scrolling side to side to read a post.

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    Well done Stone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobt
    Can you make the pics a bit smaller

    I hate scrolling side to side to read a post.
    i agree with you here bobt
    just don't know how to help needed

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    well done stone a cracking buck mate.

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    Well done Stone, a very nice buck! Did you shoot it on the same patch as you took me for the doe? If so its good news about the Fallow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tika.308
    well done stone a cracking buck mate.
    hi tika
    steyr243 should remeber this one , as it stood for him when you were last down then it was in velvet

    yes mrB it was left hand side of the bean field , the fallow were along the same hedge where you shot that doe, at the bottom of the hedge where those five roe were lay up, the best news is that roe buck in that bunch is now out of velvet with your name tag on his antler

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