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Thread: Wanted , Blaser R93 professional in .243

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    Wanted , Blaser R93 professional in .243

    After having Mannlicher,s for the last 25 years and being dissapointed at their latest offerings !
    I have decided to go for a Blaser R 93.( An R8 would be nice but probably too much money ? lol)
    If you have one for sale or know of an available rifle,could you get in touch .
    Even if you have the whole package with scope etc .Or just the plain rifle ,any combination will be considered .
    My prefered calibre is .243

    The only thing I dont want is a heavy/match barrel !

    If you have seen a good deal on the web , send me the link !


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    wht a R93 ? ok, a reputable rifle , if changing a barrel set up. Have you tried an Browining A bolt , composite ? super value

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    Have you tried Macleod, in Tain?

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    I have checked out loads of websites so far !
    Up to 500 difference in the same gun depending who you look at !lol

    Mcleod seems to have the lowest basic price ,BUT!! his specials list hasnt been updated since May.
    I did phone the shop today but he wasnt in .

    Browning A bolt just doesnt "float ma boat" ! i,m afraid .

    Thanks guys

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    After me saying an R8 would cost too much ?????

    I just bought one ! WOO!! HOO !!! lolol

    Happy Chappie

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    Well done u don't worry about AC he's just jealous over one million R93 owners cant be wrong., and i would like to have a go at the R8.


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    Give me a shout the next time your home and I will take a run up some afternoon.
    It will take you all morning to catch Andy and tie him to the sleeper !!!!!

    Managed to christen it last night . An unlucky young buck just happened to get in the way at the wrong time ! lolol

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