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Thread: Two calibres, one rifle?

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    Two calibres, one rifle?

    Suppose you have two calibres on your ticket, .243 and .308.
    Would you go for interchangeable barrels such as a Mauser or Blaser?


    two rifles, say two Tikka's, or one Sako one Tikka? And why?

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    I wanted a blaser as i liked the idea of having one rifle, one scope and two barrels but in the end the cost put me off. In the end i got a tikka t3 stainless synthetic with wild cat mod and s&b 8x56 for less than i could have got a blaser synthetic R93. I was also told and i am not sure that this is true that it woudl cost about 300 for mounts and rings for the blaser as you can only use their own. Then its about 700 for a new barrel so lets do some maths. Blaser R93 'off road' in L/H (for me) at about 2100 then a S&B 8x56 second hand at 350 then a new barrel for 700 and a mod at about 250-300 and some mounts and rings at 300 totalling lets say 3700. Now you can buy a new tikka t3 s/s in l/h for 850 plus 100 for mounts and rings plus 350 for the scope plus 250 for the mod and you are at 1550 so double that for two set ups and you are at 3100 so it works out a lot cheaper two buy two new set ups so if you uses the extra 600 save you could get two 650 scopes say second hand swarovski scopes for Mcleods for that sort of cash and have 2 superior set ups and as for how a T3 shoots i shoot this group the other day:

    Just my two pence worth.

    But, with all that said and done i aspire to a nice wooden stocked blaser as we all like nice things


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    A Blaser with two barrels is not a cheap way to two rifles. Scope mounts are 350, barrels are 675. A basic two barrel set up with two scope's in their own mounts bought new will run around 3K plus the scopes. However, the Blaser is just excellent, I am a convert in a big way.

    You can buy two Tikka's or Howa's with mounts for about half of that.
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    I have the new Styer Luxus with separate barrels, .243 and 30-06
    I looked at several others and the prices were horrendouse.
    With the Styer the mounts are picattiny fixed to the barrel, the bolt is the same for all calibres with the same head, the magazine is the same for dozens of different calibres and the barrels are cheaper than most others.
    I have QD mounts on my 3-12x50 scope so can swap back and forth between calibres when stalking and QD mounts on my 1.2-4x24 for use on the 30-06 when used for driven shooting.
    The whole caboodle fits nicely into a 'breakdown' shotgun case for ease of transportation when travelling.

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    It's a tough one. I'm gonna have to take a closer look at the Blaser.
    Saying that though, the Tikka is a hell of a rifle for the money. Good shooting.

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    I have a buddy that shoots Savage bolt guns for the ability to change barrels. It is not a push-button operation but he can go from .223 to 6.5x55 in less than 15 minutes... which includes the magazine change. I believe he has about 7 different barrels for two actions. If legal, multi caliber is a neat option.~Muir

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    You can change barrels on a Mauser in a couple of minutes change scopes in seconds or fit a scope with a ballistic turret to change the point of impact at a preset range, so the same scope can be used on different cals.
    With the Mauser you also get safety that retracts the pin and is impossible to accidently knock off its a 100% safe.
    FLo's like them too !

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    .243 and .308



    just get one blaser and add to it later. dont mention tikka and blaser in the same thread again please, they just dont compare.

    (wayne - your old .308 just got a bit of wood!)

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    I might just be a bit of a cautious tart but i would probably prefer to have 2 rifles.

    Based on the idea that if there is something wrong with the action / stock on a switch barrel then you are stuffed, but with a seperate rifle then you just take the other out.

    Might be worth getting 2 very similar rifles for continuity though.

    I have a Tikka M595 and have just found a 695 to completment it, hopefully in september.

    I suppose it depends on your outlook but i would prefer 2 rifles rather than 2 barrels and one 'rifle'


    edit. If someone wants to give me a Blaser with 6.5x55 and 30-06 barrels i will happily report on the switch barrel versatility!
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    Two calibres one rifle - how about one calibre one rifle?
    I've mentioned it before on this site but if you're torn between .243 and .308, quite frankly both will do perfectly well for all deer species in the UK, then consider 7mm-08. 7mm-08 comes somewhere between both with better ballistics of either but additionally if you ever have the opportunity for wild boar it will take care of them perfectly adequately as well.
    Not sure why you want two workable calibres in one rifle?
    Two rifles for two different requirements sounds a better idea, perhaps one long range rifle and one light carry rifle both of which could cover for each other - just a thought or something like it.

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