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Thread: Roe Deer Pair

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    Roe Deer Pair

    Out the other evening and took these shots of a pair of Roe out in a field of round bales

    Attachment 2140

    Attachment 2141

    Attachment 2142

    Click image for larger version. 

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    All the best


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    The last one is a cracker.

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    Cheers David, I always like to save the best till last...........

    Glad you like the pictures


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    great pictures mate, was he a big old boy going back or a strong lad on his way up... fine good head on him esp the last one.
    welldone mate great pictures.


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    Fab pictures mate thanks it helps me through the rut

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    Centralbeltstalker, I would put him as a mature deer going back rather than a promising youngster on the way up. If that was my stalking (which it wasn't) I would probably want to shoot that animal as part of my mature cull. However who was to say what the heads were like in previous years?

    Here is another shot of the animal.

    Attachment 2150

    Thanks for the kind replies


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    Cracking shot that last one, 500ml lense? You sure it's an oldy going back - looks quite light of body and not much 'sag'.
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    Great photo's I hope you did not frighten that cock pheasant

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Nice to watch them though its not all about shooting the buggers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckie View Post
    Nice to watch them though its not all about shooting the buggers!
    I agree buckie, That fella is still out there, very much alive as I saw him on Thursday evening, still with his doe.


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