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Thread: 30.06 150grn Hornady Interlock

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    30.06 150grn Hornady Interlock

    Purchased some Hornady 150 interlock bullets to load in my 30.6 to use on fallow and reds, has anyone used these bullets in the past? Are they suitable for the use I intend them for?

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    Hi Munty

    I would say that they would be just about perfect for fallow and reds!

    I have a box sat on my desk in 30-06 and intend to work up a load for this season but not found time to do it yet! Mine will be for fallow also........

    I have a load using 129grn interlocks over N160 for my 6.5x55 and they will shoot a half in group no problem. Hopefully they will do the same out of my 30-06!!

    I was using 165grn and 120grn Nosler B'tips in the above rifles last season with good results. It was my first time using B'tips on deer, and although no problems, I have never been 100% comfortable using them, so I have decided to go back to using softpoints!

    I am going to try them over N150 to start off with.


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    I use them for roe, fallow, sika and reds and its all good. No probs at all. Went down to the 123g for roe but went back up as they werent really man enough for the bigger deer

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    Used the 150gr flatbased interlocks in a 308.
    Very accurate, and would group under 2" at 300m.
    The only thing is that the jacket is very very thin and I'd avoid heavy bone.
    Especially shoulder shot on a quartering to animal could over expand and/or deflect.
    I'm sure they will dump the energy quickly and could also be great for a neck shot.


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    If these are the150 grain SST interlock which I have, and use, they are excellent. I use them out of my SSG .308 and they fly very well. They kill very efficiently.
    Good luck.

    Thomas, I had a spell with B.Tips in 130 grain .270 when they were not opening at any speed. Straight through like a knitting needle.
    I was not so impressed with them in 120 grain 6.5mm either.
    It always seems that I revert to the good old original soft points although I've heard good reports on A Max for open hill stalking on stags.

    I used to find that Sierra were a bit more willing to open up than Speer, but both were excellent as were Hornady.

    The factory production 127 ? grain hunting bullet provided by Sako is excellent if not quite so flat shooting as 'home rolls'. I've been tempted to dismantle some and reload with Varget in order to see what the results might be. I certainly like the 45 grain Sako in my .22 Hornet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecoman View Post
    ...Thomas, I had a spell with B.Tips in 130 grain .270 when they were not opening at any speed. Straight through like a knitting needle. I was not so impressed with them in 120 grain 6.5mm either.
    Where these Nosler Ballistic Tips or another make with a plastic tip? What speed were your bullets travelling at? The common criticism of Noslers - search on here ad nauseum - is that they blow up at almost any speed and cause massive meat damage.
    KevinF -

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    Hello KevinF They were Nosler Ballistic tips. I do not recall ever having bought Ballistic tip bullets for reloading in .270 so I believe that they must have come as a part-box with the rifle along with some RWS for testing when I was in the process of purchasing it.
    In that case I suspect that the ammo would have been Federal. I did not have access to a chronograph at the time.

    I chest-shot two hinds - two shots each at approx 120 yards across a hollow and after examining the results, never used them again, but your comments on this bullet model are proven correct, certainly in .300 cal. My neighbouring stalker gave up on them as they were causing too much damage. He slowed them down a bit but the results, whilst killing quickly, drew some disapproval from the game dealer.
    The RWS were dead accurate and I used them as a benchmark for building up future loads if I wanted to accuracy-test the rifle first.

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    I have used the 30cal 150gn interlocks in both SP and SST types and found them to be very accurate and very effective down range, producing fast humane kills and little carcase damage

    Cheers OT

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