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Thread: Recommend me a side by side side lock for 800 to 1000

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    I Had a AYA 25 boxlock many years ago. I've never sold many of my guns, but the Aya 25 is one i regret selling. The later wobbly & grott 700s that i saw and handled were awful things. If anyone is offended by my opinion of the wobbly & grott 700. I don't care .

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    Quote Originally Posted by enfieldspares View Post
    A "best boxlock" (and that is a specific gunmakers' term) is certainly a better gun than an indifferent sidelock.

    It's also a rare thing now, the "best boxlock", but a fully removable cross pin and chopper lump barrels as a minimum.. both as on the AYA... are two of the features.

    Plus usually intercepting sears and "best" lever work.

    Webley 700 guns in fact were not, and cannot, be classed as any sort of "best boxlock". Lacking both removable cross pin and intercepting sears. And having dovetail lump barrels.

    Regardless of external engraving quality. So certainly the AYA boxlocks have some features found only on "best boxlocks".
    Interesting stuff, thanks for sharing. Feel even better about my purchase now!

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    Always shot with no2. Now use a pair of them.
    Good value, very reliable.
    Have a fitting at Hollands(150 ish), and then take it to Stephan at Harlington, in Bedfordshire for a great alteration.
    Take it out and trust the gun . A miss is your fault and not the weapon's.

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    A flick knife is a "weapon" a gun is not.

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    A gun can indeed be a weapon. But any sporting firearm generally isn't a weapon except when it's user has that intention.

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    .....but that's off topic (sorry) and old ground.

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    Cheers Heym, good read that.

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    good choice on the AyA.

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    As previously recommended have a look at a gunmark royale, made as a copy of a holland and holland royal from what I understand and only made for a short time due to copyright issues. Hand ingraved locks, great balance and finish. Working out costs from inflation about a 15kgun new these days and look every bit the part of it, get loads of attention on shoots. I love mine 15" stock 30" barrels at 1/4 and 1/2.

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