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Thread: Best Carbon Cleaner?

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    Best Carbon Cleaner?

    Hey Folks,

    I'm sure its been asked before, But what is the best Carbon remover on the market. I have a heavy build up in both my rim and centre fire rifles in areas hard to reach.

    What is the best fluid out there?


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    Heavy build up in your rim sounds nasty....

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    I quite like 009, seems to get things pretty pristine and removes lead, copper and plastic marks too. I use it on all the club target rifles and in my hunting rifle.

    The stuff smells crazy strong if you're using it in a non ventilated place (like nail polish remover x1000) though so just make sure you open a window if you dont want to end up high as a kite!
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    Been recommended KG1 when I did a sniper experience day in Wales , bought some but haven't used it as yet.

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    I find the Bore Tech range to be excellent. Clean very well, the patched come out coloured when any copper is present and you don't need a fouling shot afterwards.
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    To contribute meaningfully..... I previously used 009, and as mentioned, a powerful odour. After recommendation by friends, I have purchased and started using Forrest Bore Foam, which seems to do a very good job with less mess/smell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malxwal View Post
    Heavy build up in your rim sounds nasty....
    Its a blockage I was hoping you could help me with

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    Some good recommendations. I will now go purchase.

    Thanks again!

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    Are you talking about carbon rings in chamber? If so, many solvents will struggle in my experience.

    Soaking in kroil (if you can get it) is good but dont go soaking with ammonia based solvents. Im currently polishing a rimfire chamber and its bloody hard work having found a monster of a carbon ring. Previous owner deserves a bullet for such negligence hahaha

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    I found jb bore paste. KG1 and boretech c4 cleaners are good for powder but for baked on carbon only borepaste gets it off.
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