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Thread: Sako 75 s/s 308-full set up

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    Sako 75 s/s 308-full set up

    Update with what's left

    Sako 75 in 308, screw cut barrel @ 20".New barrel (border stainless with sako profile) fitted when I bought, barrel and action cerakoted in original sako silver. Stock and barrel show occasional light marks from use.
    2-250 rounds through since new barrel.

    6 month old dpt 30 cal mod (less than 20 shots through it), end of barrel type with 14x1 thread

    Selling as not being used since another rifle bought and gets used in preference.

    850 Ono for rifle, 200 Ono for mod or 1000 for both.

    Rfd to Rfd by arrangement.
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    I've had a couple of questions about the rifle.
    The barrel was replaced when I bought the rifle about 5-7 years ago, a stainless border barrel sako profile. The rifle has done about 2-300 rounds since, stalking and annual dsc shooting test style competitions at the deer management mtgs.

    It happily shoots 1" groups in both lead and copper factory ammo, and smaller with home loads.

    I'm selling the rifle due to lack of use since I bought a multi calibre rifle, that includes 308, about 3 years ago.

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    Having a tidy out and found the bore guide for the rifle, included with sale of rifle.

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    Such a great setup, especially with a border barrel on it.. Don't sell it! You'll regret it!!

    I'm surprised it hasn't sold yet.. i don't think people have cottoned onto what it is..!

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    It's only going so I can make space in the cabinet/FAC/money for an incoming custom build. Also, it's too nice to leave in the cabinet, it's better to have someone using it.

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    Trying to persuade my mate to buy it. He's waiting for his ticket to come back.

    He has a 75 varmint already.

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    Cheers 243 V, if he has a 75 already then he knows how nice they are to shoot. If he wants any questions answering get in touch, I'm happy to answer anything about the rifle.

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