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Thread: Stalking AND F Class rifle

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    Stalking AND F Class rifle

    Here's one for you:

    Say you want to compete in 1000 yard F-Class, and use that rifle for hill stalking as well, how would you put it together to not only be functional, but look decent for stalking too. Components, actions, etc. etc.

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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    kevinf has just the jobby!

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    I'd probably just buy a Sako TRG21 but, more importantly, who is going to carry it! JC

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    Stalking / F-Class rifle

    Calibre - 6.5x284 - dual purpose calibre, that at long range (ie 800 yrds plus) outperforms .308
    Action - BAT Long action repeater format with Pictinny rail - superb action with added stiffness of pictinny
    Stock - McMillan Mchale - plain and simple
    Barrel - Kreiger / Bartlein in 6 or 7 profile (flute for weight saving - stalking) 26-28"
    Magazine would be blind - to try and save weight and increase stock stiffness slightly.
    Scope - a March variable - superb tracking and light.
    Rings - Talley or Third Eye Tactical
    Moderator ?? probably would use a muzzle brake instead due to barrel length otherwise Third Eye Tactical or one of Baldie's!

    Would not like to carry it all day on the hill, but you are asking for a tall order if you want to be competitive @1000



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    I have a dvd here extreme deer hunting? bought off ebay its in the highlands in very heavy snow and one of the lads is using what looks like a Accuracy International, heavy going.

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    I compete in the UK F Class League and stalk "a bit"

    If you want a dual purpose rifle, you will not be looking at Open class, rather FTR, limited to 308 or 223 calibre.

    I say this because Open class is an arms race, high end kit, 7mm magnums or 284 and very, very close tolerances.....not ideal for dragging to the forest or hill.

    Forget the 6.5 calibres - they just cannot hold it against the 7mm's in competition.

    As you want a deer legal rifle you now limit the option to 308.

    Most competative 308 F Class shooters have single shot actions, full F Class style stocks and custom or dedicated F Class bipods.

    You could use a sporter style stock or tactical with the latter type bipod and appropriate fitment.

    If you use a factory gun, you wont be competative - unless of course you can read the wind to a mph at 1000, 1100 and 1200 yds and are a gifted shot. (I suppose the latter applies to using 308 anyway)

    Sorry, thats just how it is.

    You could start with a factory rifle, but the rifle would be the limiting factor to success.

    For what its worth, you could use a Barnard SM (repeater), or BAT, or and other custom action, a match grade barrel and A5 stock and you'd be on the way.

    However, I think its a big ask especially when you consider you want to be using at least 155, 175 or 200 grainers which means a long barrel (for velocity) and appropriate twist rate to get the bullets on target at range.

    My own opinion is two rifles, one for each discipline and keep em separate.

    Just my 2p

    Oh, BTW

    My F Class rifle is a 7mm/270 WSM, the stalking guns are 25-06, 6.5x284 and 308 respectively.
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    Completely agree Redmist.
    But its fun to try and create the impossible!!


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    It is,

    Ok, try this:

    Surgeon, WSM repeater action, Jewel trigger, match barrel, AICS.

    Calibre - 7mm WSM, .312"nk, reamer throated to feed from AI mags with 180 bergers at 2.900" internal (with spacer removed)

    This will enable a 180 to be launched at 3000 fps....

    You could do well with that, although barrel life is limited to one a year

    I screwed one together a couple of years ago for a mate of mine, he is doing pretty well with it currently and it does as a "static" stalker.... although its now on barrel #2

    I emphasise STATIC stalker!!
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    I have used my AI AE on shots where i need accuracy as i don't want them to leave the permision [ next to a nature reserve]
    Ideal for prone and over 200m BUT way to heavy for a full day or much of a walk .

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    Made a tactical stock for a similar purpose recently, wanted to save as much weight as possible.
    Made of 100% carbon fiber, stock, cheek piece and buttpad together weighed around 800grams.
    Might be better to add weight to the barrel than the stock.

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