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Thread: Tikka t3 lite synthetic or t3 hunter

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    Tikka t3 lite synthetic or t3 hunter

    Hi, just looking for some guidance folks, im about to buy a tikka t3 and cant decide on a synthetic or hunter model. Ive must admit looks will play a part, so the hunter may be the one , but would welcome comments from anyone who has experience out there on both rifles. Do they produce the very same results out in the field, are they both just as accurate as each other, and are there any better makes to go for in the same price range...a bolt??? 223 sure this one will have been debated before sorry folks!

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    I have both, in .223 synthetic with a swarvo 8x56 and 6.5x55 in wood (hunter) with a S&B 8x56. Both are accurate although the 6.5 and federal where not a good match. I now use 120gr homeloads and get good groupings.

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    Hi Tom, I have a T3 6.5x55mm with a synthetic stock, with a swarovski 8x56mm scope. I have found it to be very reliable and has shot well straight out of the box. it has proven to be a lot of rifle for the money, with a crisp trigger.

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    Thanks for the replies , off to see a hunter in ayrshire next week....ill let you know how it goes thanks again for info

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    i have a hunter in .222 mate which is used on foxes and i cannot fault from the box it has been superb lovely to handle i was too looking for a t3 lite but they only had the hunter in stock bit more money but well worth it i think because the piece of wood on it is lovely and has a really nice grain to it.

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    Ive never used the T3's but when i was looking for a new rifle i had a play with them in a shop and thoguht that the Hunter stock was a bit better than the Lite synthetic one, not sure why, just felt a bit more robust to me


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    ive had both , i use a tikka t3 lite 6.5x55 nearly every day and its never had a think wrong with it !

    the hunter i had in 243 , and again a good rifle ! they both do what they say on the tin !

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    i use t3 synthetic stainless in .308 using Sako super hammer heads 150g toped with s&b 6x42 no probs over the years with it

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    I think its down to personal prefrence some prefer synthetic ( hardwearing capabilites ) some prefer wood ( looks good ) as for myself i have used a t3 lite in .223 on both foxes and roe. At present i use a t3 stainless synthetic in .243 topped with a swaro. 4-12x50 on fox, roe and red. I cannot fault the reliabilty, as for the a-bolt i dont think the build quality is the same as the tikka but wish you the best of luck in which ever you choose.

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    I had the option of t3 hunter or stainless synthetic with the hunter coming in at a bit less money and i chose stainless synthetic. I honestly think it suits me better as the rifle will be used for foxing and stalking and there has already in the 2 weeks i have had it been times i know a nice wooden stock would have been dented or scratched and i just don't worry about the synthetic and also like the look of stainless and synthetic. If its a tool go synthetic for a tool rifle or hunter if its only for special occasions but thats me, i know my dad would only ever buy a wooden stocked rifle.


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