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Thread: Rifle cleanliness.

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    Rifle cleanliness.

    Visited a local gun shop yesterday reference buying some reloading equipment. The guy in shop enquired why i wanted to reload. I told him i was unhappy with the grouping of most factory ammo i had tried. He told me there was no point reloading as factory ammo was good enough. A point which i disagree with, but did not want to get into a conversation about something i do not know enough about at the moment. I cannot achieve any sort of group at the moment. He basically blamed me for the groups, lack of experience he says and over cleaning the gun. Lack of experience i will take on the chin,to an extent. But with that said , when squeezing the trigger with crosshair on target, i do expect at least 3 out of 5, factory ammo, shots to be close together.
    Is it possible to overclean a gun, which can then cause accuracy problems. I clean my gun after every use, regardless of rounds fired. Did the gunshop employee make a valid point when pointing out over cleaning, or is he talking rubbish. He said i was not giving the rifle a chance to bed in. I have fired at least 250 rounds through it. Unless you guys can put me right, i must go with the latter. I always pull through barrel several times before firing to clean any oil out.

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    i followed a recent thread regarding cleaning of the rifle and how often.
    i dont clean mine every time i fire it. as a matter of fact i only clean it after it gets wet...
    when i do pull it through i will always fire first round down the range, my rifle tends to shoot high right 2 inchs for first shot.
    a fact i have been told is common after the pull through.
    over cleaning can be done as i have picked up from threads here.


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    I don`t like the sound of the shop guys attitude.....................
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    Ed....I'll back CBS on this.....I clean every 25-30 (Unless it get's very wet) and then just a little bit of cleaner/lub and a pull through. Fire 1 or 2 before doing the real work just to get rid of the oil deposits.



    PS.... What rifle/cal/age

    PPS.....Home loading will always improve accuracy. Just depends on your skills really.
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    what is your current grouping and at what distance.
    does it change much when you double the distance ??


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    Obviously the guy in the shop makes more money on the factory ammo mark up than he does on hand loading components. is there another shop you can patronise?................... if there is i would be going there and i would also let the other chap know why!

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    Quote Originally Posted by centralbeltstalker View Post

    what is your current grouping and at what distance.
    does it change much when you double the distance ??

    I am struggling to get 4 inches at 100 yards with expanding 150 grains. Sometimes worse,they are going bloody everywhere. I have greater success with lapua 180 grain fmj. They group nicely,well some of them, but are no good to me because of hunting. I have to be careful at the moment, as i am getting frustrated so i am going back to range for 3 hours this saturday. I will take my time, settle down and concentrate more. The annoying thing is i was doing ok till my last visit to the range, and i just could not get a good group with my normal 150 grain hunting loads. Hopefully i will have all my reloading kit in place before saturday so i can uniform my rounds and have no excuses come saturday afternoon.

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    been said B4 on the site, I lightly clean every time I fire a shot in the winter, remove the mod every time rifle is stored away, central heating and a long journey home in a warm car in the winter could and has caused rust in my rifles when I didn't clean them. B4 you next fire the rifle run a methylated patch through b4 you leave home and you will be on the button, no need to fire a round. Found this tip on here, you're never to old to learn a trick or too, how you treat your rifle is up to you, thats how I treat something which is a precision piece of engineering regardless of cost in my cabinet, shotguns as well. deerwarden

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    Steyr scout .308, 2 years old approx, had about 250 rounds through it. I clean it thoroughly after every use.

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    The grouing of a rifle can be messed up by many factors but reloaded ammunition is to a higher quality of measure. Having said that if your rifle can't group better than 4 inch it needs checking before you waste ammo if you can shoot well enough normally.

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