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Thread: remmington seven 243 .16'' barrel screw cut

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    remmington seven 243 .16'' barrel screw cut

    here i am selling my 243 remmington seven with her 16'' screwcut barrel she has accounted for many many foxes/deer and has never let me down it has a fully adjusable scope mount and 2 sets of leopold scope rings 1/2'' thread works well with a T8 mod .mod and scope in pic noy encluded this rifle works well in a truck .fac rules apply 200 guildford surrey area.
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    How about 175 incl P&P?

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    That's abit harsh

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    Quote Originally Posted by splash View Post
    That's abit harsh

    Well, it is a Remmington with two ms. They are less valuable than the common-or-garden Remington with just one m.
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    no but as it has 2mms i decided its collectable .

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    Good for you Noel !!

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    I have one of these in 22.250 flavour. Cracking gun. This is a great price!!!

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    Might be a daft question, but is it deer legal with such a short barrel? Guess only way to know for sure would run it through a chrono...

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    what is the required leagal barrel limit as this sure knocks them over and i it have down as a deer rifle

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