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Thread: Sussex and the .243

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    Sussex and the .243

    Hi all, I was wondering if I could pick your brains?
    I have currently got a variation in progress with sussex police to swap my.223 for a .243 and you've guessed it there towing the party-line and asking for a mentor or DSC 1. They have said I can have the .243 for fox with no problems or conditions but if I want to point it at deer I need to have someone show me how to do it!?!
    Now that my sound crazy enough but the really STUPID thing with this is at the moment I currently have muntjac and chinese water deer cleared with the .223 with no conditions at all?????
    I have spoken to the BASC and they have been extremely helpfull and told me who I need to speak to and what I should say, but my question to you guys is this, how much should I argue this? Obviously I would like my .243 and be able to stalk with it but if I throw my toys out of the pram too much am I going to make life difficult for myself in the future, sort of a bitting the hand that feeds type of situation?
    I have no problem with the DSC 1 and I intend on taking it in the future, but I do object to being told I have to do it to shoot roe and bigger when they are more than happy to let me shoot the two smaller spieces of deer unacommpanied with no magic bit of paper saying I know what they look like!
    Anyway rant over and I'll turn this over to you guys, what do you think?
    Cheers in advance

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    That's a bit weird.... I was staying with some friends down in Horsham in June and I phoned west Sussex to check land clearance as I still have closed ticket. I was told the land was cleared previously only for .17hmr and .22lr and he asked me what I would be shooting. I said I'll be stalking roe during the day and lamping foxes at night. He said "ok no problem I'll drive over there this afternoon and take a look" he phoned back later that day to say he'd cleared it for .243, didn't ask for previous experience or whether I'd be shooting with a mentor or anything...
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    The thing is that the ill informed FLO's that exist and their senior officers need to be taken to task over the stupidity of some of their decisions. Yours is a good example you can stalk CWD and Muntjac unaccompanied but not Roe. You have quite rightly contacted BASC and they have supplied you with the relevant information, now you do not want to jeopardise your future shooting by making too much of a fuss. You cannot expect other people to fight your battles for you, if you want it sorted then make a fuss force your FLO and his department to come to the right decision. If you feel that you have a case go for it.

    This is how the rights of stalkers nationwide are eroded, people have a grievance but don't want to make too much of a fuss in case they come to notice, but it will be fine for someone else to do it? If we don't make a stand at every opportunity where we are wronged it can only get worse. There are mechanisms in place for airing your grievances via BASC etc, but you do have to get involved. To my way of thinking you should argue your case in the strongest manner open to you.

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    Ads why not do the DSC 1 it will give you a lot of info and will get you your .243 but make sure its an open certificate if you do the DCS.

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    I take it that you have got this in writing (or at least email) from Sussex Police? If not then that is the first thing to do. JC

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    Hi Ads,

    I have recently had a similar issue with Cheshire.
    I was able to go out with a .223 unaccompanied, but had to be accompanied by an accomplished stalker to go out with the.243.

    I tried to discuss the matter with the firearms manager and just went around in circles. I then sent a letter of complaint in.
    Amazingly they changed the conditions for me.
    I also wrote to the Superintendent in charge of the firearms dept with regards to the whole issue, as a result I had a meeting with him.
    You definately need to take it up with them.
    If you need copies of my letters for guidance just PM me and I will email them over to you.


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    Hi JAYB, I have not got a problem causing a fuss, I completely agree with you that it doesn't only effect me but anyone else who may be applying for a deer legal calibre. What I was really asking was weather anybody had had any similar experiences and weather jumping up and down would do any good or just leave me high and dry?
    I will be calling Sussex Headquarters today to speak to the relevent officers in charge and see where it gets me. I will let you all know how I get on, wish me luck.
    Cheers Ads

    P.S Sion you have a PM.

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    You do that and whatever decision they come to get it in writing, get names and telephone ext numbers and keep asking if they are in charge, you will be surprised how many Indians are just self appointed chiefs and need "to speak to their boss" when pushed. Just put on a determined front and keep mentioning BASC or whichever organisation represents you, it can be done Sion has done it.

    Good luck

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Ditto what the other respondents have said. After you've got the telephone calls out of the way my advice would be to put your request in writing in as concise a manner as possible covering all the points you raised in your original posting, and ask for a written response. If they try to then give you the brush off by telephone or personal visit, again insist that they respond in writing as you will be taking it further up the chain of command. It can have a wonderful effect as Sion has noted.

    Anyhow, do these people think they are now adminstering the Deer acts as well as the Firearms Act?

    Best of luck in your application - give us an update as and when.
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