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Thread: Rings and base.

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    Rings and base.

    I have a .308 scout with bushnell 3-9x40 firefly. I keep having issues with the scope moving back between rings, even though they are tight and threadlocked. Can anyone recommend some solid rings, bases or good setup to stop this happening. I left it to the guy at the rfd to select rings and bases. I dont think they are good enough due to what i have just described. Any suggestions please. Thanks.

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    Might be a 1" and 26mm ring set tube size issue, one conflicting with the other, if that makes sense?

    I had Apel rings and bases in my Scout with picatinny mount, worked well. On my T3 Tactical, I had tikka picatinny bases with Apel rings fitted, this also worked well with the picatinny mount.

    What rings do you currently have fitted? You pay for what you get, second hand rings and bases are worth a look, you'd get a set for about 60-70 all in.

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    eddie, what make of scout rifle do you have ? Is it the Parker Hale Scout or the Steyr Mannlicher scout type rifle.
    If it is the Parker Hale my guess is that you have the alloy roll off mounts. If this is the case, bin them and buy a set of steel mounts. I had a similar problem some years ago with a BSA rifle and PH mounts.

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    steyr mannlicher

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