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Thread: bino again!

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    bino again!

    hi guys ,

    Just getting started in stalking and am looking at getting a set of binos. Have been cruising ebay to see what is out there and have found a pair of NIKON Binoculars Sporter EX 8x42 for about 130 ish. was wondering what you views are?


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    Look out for Minox BV's in 8 or 10x42, should be around 200, great bins for the money.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Plus 1 for Minox BV's, excellent optics at a reasonable price

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    if you want some minox bv,s send me a pm i know where there are a few sets going for 130 pounds in both sizes,admin this is not anything to do with me just found them off the net and trying to help anyone out,wayne

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    Ive got the BV's and i think they are great, not just for the money either just all round good

    Never looked through Leicia, Swaro etc and dont intend to because what you dont know doesnt hurt!


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    i still have a couple of pairs going for 200 del


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    fox firearms has some great binos for about 70 got some for wife to keep her of my good light they are as good as 1000 binos,fall back at bad light but they are not bad and great for a 1st purchase.

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    I wouldn't go that far! I also have some Fox Firearms bins that I keep in the pick-up for emergencies. They are definitely not as good as any 1000 binos that I have ever seen, even in good daylight. Last Sunday afternoon I went to glass the stags at the deer farm just off Jct 37 of the M1 and, having just bought a pair of Swaro 8.5 x 42's from Swillington that very morning, I can assure you that the Fox bins did not come ANY WHERE NEAR the Swaro's for brightness and clarity....and rightly so. OK for a back-up.


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