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Thread: Bone saw and meat cleaver

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    Bone saw and meat cleaver

    Need to get myself a new bone saw and heavy cleaver for butchering my deer / lambs.

    Saw is for legs / spine as well as breast bone so heavier duty one would be better.

    Cleaver is similarly for leg bones and spine so again a bit of weight would be good.

    Looking to spend max 40 per item.

    Any suggestions?

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    Just get a decent saw mate and forget the cleaver!
    Scobies do a great one here:
    Deer bones splinter badly if cleavered. The saw is so much better, safer and neater. My cleaver never gets used now. They also do some wicked poultry shears which make a neater job on the rib bones than the saw. They will do up to Roe size deer without too much bother.

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    I'm curious what you guys use the heavy artillery for?

    I get by with just a small boning knife for disassembling an entire deer carcass!

    Is it for doing chops etc?

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    Yes, im doing lamb for someone and they want lamb chops and barnsley chops, so I usually use a cleaver.

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    Yes the advantage with using the cleaver over the saw when creating venison chops is no bone dust to clear up.
    Otherwise (like CSL) all i use is a boning knife, and sometimes a steak knife.
    Scobies is the place to go as already stated.

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    did you get my PM?

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    I didnt get a pm, John no.

    In the end I have bought my saw, cleaver and a couple of other useful larder items from Samuel Staniforth Ltd the prices seem really good and delivery is next day. They were also very helpful on the telephone.
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    Saw and knives all arrived today, sharp as hell and all seem really good weight and quality.
    I would recommend this company to any other people looking to buy something similar.

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